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2G GSM Signal Strength Tester


See our new SNYPER range - setting the new standard in cellular signal analysers with a host of important features and benefits.


The Snyper a great tool for engineers and installers of wireless systems and performs a number of different functions to determine the full cellular signal situation at any particular site.  The Snyper can give a full signal survey on an existing antenna deployment or what the optimum antenna placement should be for a given network operator's signal.  Additionally, the Snyper can scan for all operator signals and have them ranked in order of strength. The Snyper ranks the operator in stregth bands from -60dB to -110dB. The Snyper also saves the last survey done regardless of the whether the Snyper is powered or not.   Overall, the Snyper is very simple to use with intuitive large reading menus and lasts a very long time on one battery charge. 

The Snyper comes ready to go in its own hard case and is securely held within the cas making a truly rugged piece of kit for the back of the maintenance van or boot of the car.

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Key Features
  • 2G / GPRS coverage
  • Summary feature for consolidated view of network data
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Intuitive menus and operation
  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • Rugged and reliable with hard carrying case

    3G and 2G mobile phone network signal tester and analyser