Siretta OSCAR 40

4G/3G/WiFi compact omni wall mount antenna family

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Key Features
  • 4G/3G/Wifi frequency bands
  • Compact Omni - 167mm long x 60mm diameter
  • wall or pole mountings
  • Low loss LMR195 cable

The Oscar 40 family is a great antenna solution coverring many popular frequencies in use today. Its radome is UV proof and watre proof making it a great outdoors antenna.

Fitted with low loss cable as standard really makes this antenna the standard item to fit in most outdoor applications for 4G/3G/2G and WiFi.  The Oscar 40 family is fitted with an aluminium bracket for wall mounting plus a clamp for fitting to a standard mast. The Oscar 40 is 60mm in diameter and 167mm in length making iot an extremely compact omni antenna compared to many. Suitable for discreet omni antenna applications where a long omni is undesirable.  With the gain from 3-5.5dBi, depending on frequency - and with low loss LMR195 cable the complet package is the equal of higher gain more unsightly omni antennas fitted with standard RG58 cable.




Electrical data:

  • Frequency bands:
    • 800-960MHz
    • 1710-2700MHz
  • Polarization:‚Äč                    Vertical, Linear
  • Horizontal beam width:   360deg.
  • Vertical beam width:        55deg.
  • Gain:                                3dBi - 800-960MHz,  5.5dBi - 1710-2700MHz
  • VSWR:                             ≤1.5
  • Max power:                      20W
  • Impedance:                      50 ohm

Mechanical data:

  • Radome:                                 PVC with UV protection
  • Radiator:                                 aluminium
  • Lightning protection:               Direct ground
  • Connector:                              SMA male
  • Size overall:                            240 x 60mm
  • wind loading when mounted:  180km/hr
  • Cable and connector:              LMR195 cable, SMA male connector
  • oscar 40 pic 3
    oscar 40 pic 3
  • Oscar 40
    Oscar 40
  • oscar 40 pic2
    oscar 40 pic2
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