Siretta Delta 12

1/4 wave Rubber Whip Antenna for all ISM bands

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Key Features
  • 151, 433, 868, 915MHz band versions
  • Variety of Frequencies
  • 1/4 Wave Antenna
  • 3dBi gain

The Delta 12 family consists of a range of ISM Antennas from frequencies 151 to 915MHz. A whip style design with a flexible rubber housing, this antenna is ideal for any quick fit ISM application.

The Delta 12 is a direct connect, cable-free 1/4 wave whip antenna. It is made of black rubber housing that provides the antenna with a flexible body. Measures at 130mm in length and achieves 3dBi, the Delta 12 is a great ISM antenna solution.

To accommodate for the wide frequency range the Delta 12 covers as a family, there are a series of permutations within the family where different frequencies are covered. Below are the different permutations and their respected frequencies:

  • Delta 12: 151/173MHz
  • Delta 12A: 433/458MHz
  • Delta 12B: 869MHz
  • Delta 12C: 915MHz

Key Specifications - Electrical

Temperature range: -30 to +75 °C
Impedance: 50 ohm
Gain: 3 dBi
VSWR: ≤2.0:1
Max Input Power: 50W
Frequency range: ISM 151/173 or 433/458 or 869 or 915MHz
Polarization: Vertical
Radiating element: 1/4 wave whip

Key Specifications - Mechanical

Dimensions: 130mm
Connector: SMA, BNC, TNC
Housing: Black Rubber
Temperature range: -30 to +75 °C
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