Siretta SNYPER-3G Spectrum

Signal Strength Analyser with liveSCAN feature, and multi-survey storage

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Key Features
  • SNYPER-3G functions, plus advanced features
  • liveSCAN - graphical display of signal strength
  • Establish best antenna / location combination
  • Store up to 50 sets of surveys
  • USB download to PC of CSV file of saved surveys
  • Facility to 'lock' onto a single network provide
  • NOTE: liveSCAN requires a SIM for operation
  • NOTE: 3G Coverage is EU Bands only
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The SNYPER-3G Spectrum takes all the features of the original SNYPER-3G and adds more.........including: liveSCAN feature Multi -Survey Stored Results Download

Following on from the successful launch of the SNYPER-2G and SNYPER-3G and following customer requests we have added the following functions. 

Please note liveSCAN requires a SIM in order to operate but will not incur any charges

  • liveSCAN: Continuous liveSCAN with real time graphical display to establish actual position of greatest signal strength
  • liveSCAN directional: Continuous liveSCAN with real time graphical display - and using the liveSCAN directional antenna kit (optional extra) to determine direction of maximum signal
  • Multiple tests storage 
  • USB download of saved surveys
  • Facility to 'lock' onto a single network provider to assess all provider's signals at site
  • Ability to set signal thresholds to view within summary page


liveSCAN antenna kit accessory:
The continuous liveSCAN comes into its own when the LiveSCAN directional antenna kit is also purchased. The directional antenna allows the operator to determine the directional position of the network operator's base station at a site and thus position the site's fixed antenna correctly. Additionally the same process can show which is the strongest signal from all network operators and which direction the antenna will need to point to gain this maximum signal.

The Snyper's display shows a continuous and real time graph of signal strength versus direction of the hand held antenna.

Network Signal Strength & Summary Pages

The SNYPER-3G Spectrum cellular signal tester can also determine the strength of a particular network signal, or can review all available network signals in the area of use, and rank these in order of strength through its summary page. The summary page is an incredibly powerful feature allowing network operator choice to be made based on both signal strength and number of usable cells, with all data visible concurrently. The SNYPER-3G spectrum also has a number of signal strength thresholds within the summary page, providing a more concise view where only signals above a certain dB level are of interest. Please note that coverage on 3G is for European Frequency Bands only.


• Displays network operators for area being surveyed
• Finds the best antenna/location combination for an installation
• Measures and displays signal strength data 
• Unique networks summary "in location" feature
• Coverage 2G(Global) & 3G(EU Bands only) base stations
• Large LCD with intuitive menuing
• Li-Ion battery (2Ah) offering more than 48 - hour use on one charge
• Very rugged and rubberised enclosure
• Hard carrying case included
• Can use any antenna with SMA connector


The menus and operation of the SNYPER-3G Spectrum have been designed to be as logical and intuitive as possible, making the unit very simple to use. A large high contrast LCD display ensures that all information is clearly visible, and allows for the presentation of considerable data at the same time. The SNYPER-3G Spectrum also allows for considerable customisation of settings including automatic power off, charging rate. Operating without the need for a SIM, the SNYPER-3G Spectrum automatically stores the last 30 surveys performed, and they remain available for recall and review even after power off, until deleted or overwritten

The SNYPER-3G Spectrum is supplied with a compact whip antenna providing excellent performance in combination with the unit. The SNYPER-3G Spectrum can also be used to test an on-site antenna whilst in situ. This is particularly good for determining performance, or optimum network operator, for an existing fixed installation.  Using the SNYPER-3G Spectrum in this mode can determine the absolute best direction for the best signal. (Note: If you are looking to test and review a specific network provider in this mode, you will need one of their SIM cards for the SNYPER-3G Spectrum)

Supplied in its own hard carrying case, the SNYPER-3G Spectrum is designed for continuous professional use over many years, with the robust enclosure and rubber surround providing additional shock protection. A multi region power supply is also included for charging of the unit through its USB port. The supplied rechargeable battery gives up to 48 hours of use between charges, making the SNYPER-3G spectrum a highly portable solution. The unit will also automatically power down after a period of inactivity, maximising battery life.


Electrical Specification

Supported bands 2G: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
Supported bands 3G: 900, 2100MHz

Operating temperature range: -20 to +75C
Storage temperature range: -40 to +85C
Operating humidity range: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing

Display: 2.4” QVGA 320 x 240 RGB TFT
Warm up time: 2s
Battery: 2000mA/h
Battery life: 48 hours normal use

Mains input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Mains connector: 3 pin UK, 2 pin EU, US, AU
Charger output: 5V DC 2000mAh
Charger connector: USB Mini-B


  • Snyper
  • Testing 3G signal strength
    Testing 3G signal strength
  • SNYPER-3G Prism / Spectrum HTML Screenshot-3G
    SNYPER-3G Prism / Spectrum HTML Screenshot-3G
  • SNYPER-3G Spectrum - USB Download
    SNYPER-3G Spectrum - USB Download
  • SNYPER-3G Spectrum - liveSCAN Trace
    SNYPER-3G Spectrum - liveSCAN Trace
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