Siretta OSCAR20

High gain 4G/3G small Yagi antenna

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Key Features
  • small yagi 174 x 170mm
  • 4G and 3G Highly sensitive Yagi
  • upgrade for OSCAR16
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • 7-8dBi gain

The Oscar 20 is a Yagi-directional wall / bracket mount antenna, operating on quad band 4G, 3G and GSM/GPRS frequencies. Constructed from strong and durable ABS and supplied with a hinged mounting bracket, this Yagi antenna can be easily mounted outside to a solid flat surface such as an office brick wall. Its Yagi design provides superior performance for cellular applications in rural areas where signal reception is particularly low. The radiating element from this Yagi antenna performs in a directional manner, producing an impressive peak gain of 7-8dBi, to maximise signal transmission and reception that is vital for long distance site communication as well as those in poor signal areas. Common applications include: base station purposes, remote monitoring, and alarm & security systems.


The Oscar 20 is tuned to 4G and 3G bands predominantly but still has good performance at quad band GSM/GPRS frequencies, making this antenna a very mainstream performer. Its wide operating frequency bands allows for worldwide cellular applications from quad band GPRS frequencies up to the European 4G 2.6GHz frequencies.

This Yagi antenna is supplied with 5 metres of RG58 cable to allow routing and maximum elevation to best optimise site communications. As standard, cables are terminated with an SMA male connector type. The Oscar 20 can also be supplied without a cable for you to choose from our wide range of low loss and standard RF cables.

Custom cable lengths and alternative connector types are available for volume requirements only.

Temperature range: -30 to 70°C
Gain: 7-8 dBi
SWR: <2:1
Operating frequences: 850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2600MHz
Polarization: Vertical / Horizontal
Radiating element: Yagi
  • Oscar 16 (2)
    Oscar 16 (2)
  • Oscar 16 Wall
    Oscar 16 Wall
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