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Accessory Products for all Modems

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Key Features
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cable
  • Interface Cables

The Siretta range of quikCONNECT modems offer advanced features and functionality for a wide variety of industrial and professional applications. To help build a working system around these we offer a range of complementary accessory products, ensuring fast and reliable power and interface connection for both evaluation and production requirements.

The below accessories are recommended for use with all Siretta modems.

Power Connection

Power connection for the quikCONNECT  ZETA, ZULU and ZEUS  and linkCONNECT range of modems  is achieved through an RJ-12 connector. For prototyping and low volume requirements we offer the 32889 PSU MULTI ADAPTOR which includes a compact power supply with interchangeable mains connectors suitable for UK, EU, US and Australian mains voltage connection.

For higher volumes or for direct connection to your own power supply, the 31557 POWER CABLE comprises an RJ-12 connector terminated to 1Mtr of cable with the other end open, to accommodate your own power supply connection.

Interface Connection:

A choice of interface cables are available to suit the required connection configuration.

29284 RS232 CABLE- 2M standard RS232 male to female cable.

29891 RS232 TO USB CABLE,  an alternative interface for the modems is to use the RS232 male to USB-A, 1.5M converting cable for connection to control equipment using USB.

33481 USB GPIO CABLE. 1M, mini USB right angle connector to unterminated stripped and tinned ends.  Great for the ZETA-N-GPRS and LC300-GPRS where access to the 5 x GPIO is via mini USB socket

Antenna Selection - we recommend:

34369 DELTA2A/x/SMAM/S/RA/11 - 2G/3G compact direct connect antenna for mounting directly on the modem 

33530 MIKE1A/2.5M/SMAM/S/S/20  - magentic mount 2G/3G  antenna -  ideal for experimenting with different antenna placement in order to achieve the best reception.