Temperature Sensors with 1 Wire Bus Interface

Family of widely used, reliable and accurate temperature sensors employing the Dallas DS18B20 digital sensor.

Manufactured to the highest standard our 1 Wire family of temperature sensors are designed to be used in most situations. The family include are available with 1m, 3m, 5m and 10m cable lengths as standard and the sensor head is available as standard PCB form. In addition our IP67 rated versions come with the sensor encased in stainless steel tube for use in measuring temperature in liquids or outdoors. The part with flat cable is designed to be used in fridges and freezers, as it reduces the gap created when put through the fridge/freezer door.

A great advantage of the 1 Wire bus digital sensors is that each part has a unique address, meaning that several sensors can be connected to the same system and be distinguished by their unique name.


  • 1-Wire Temperature

    1-Wire Temperature sensor with RJ11/12 Interface

    1 Wire Sensor - Standard
  • IP67 Temp Sensor

    Water Proof Temperature sensor with 1 Wire Interface

    IP67 Temp Sensor