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Touch screen kiosks

Kiosks4business touchscreen kiosks range includes free-standing, wall mountable and desktop versions with screen sizes from 15in upwards. Touchscreen kiosks are a great addition to reception areas providing access to company website/intranets.

Key Features
  • Screen sizes from 15in upwards
  • High quality bright screens
  • LED illumination on some models
  • 240V AC input with Ethernet available
  • All sockets hidden from view
  • Capactivitve touchscreens with antibacterial coating applied
  • Wall mounted, free-standing and desktop designs
  • Rugged and stylish
  • Eidos

    Eidos DDA Touchscreen Kiosk

    Eidos kiosk
  • Figur

    Figur touchscreen kiosk

    Figur 1
  • Nixi

    Nixi micro kiosk

    Nixi 2


Eidos kiosk Figur 1 Nixi 2
Eidos Figur Nixi