Vatell SB1000

Water cooled Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensor

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Key Features
  • Low heat flux measurement
  • Measurement of low Heat Flux levels < 5W/cm²
  • Industry standard housing options
  • Accurate convective sensing
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The SB1000 Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensor is particularly good at measuring low heat flux levels and convective heat flux.

The Schmidt-Boelter range of heat flux sensors complements the Thermogage heat flux sensors. Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensors should be chosen over the Thermogage heat flux sensors in a number of circumstances:

  • Where convective heat flux accuracy is important. The Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensors measure the temperature difference through the body of the sensor (across the wafer) instead of across the face of the sensor as is the case of the Thermogage heat flux sensors.
  • Where there are low heat flux levels. The minimum range of a Thermogage heat flux sensor is 5W/cm². Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensors are able to measure much smaller levels of heat flux than this.

The minimum sensitivity of the Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensor is 150 µV/W/cm², so it is possible to get a rough estimate of output level based on the expected heat flux. For most levels of heat flux the output voltage will be quite low so it would be advisable to use an amplifier such as the AMP1100 to buffer and amplify the output signal to a level suitable for the measurement equipment being used with the sensor.

There is a temperature dependency with the Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensors. The sensitivity increases roughly 0.1% per °C. For most applications it is recommended that a water cooled Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensor be used so as to be able to stabilise the temperature and remove this variability. Vatell offer both normal and water cooled Schmidt-Boelter heat flux sensors:



Housing Sizes
Minimum standard diameter of 0.625"
Minimum standard length of 1"

Transducer Calibration Accuracy: ±3% of full scale

Repeatability: 2%

Minimum Sensitivity: 150 µV/W/cm²

Time Response: 500mS

Nominal Resistance: 100 Ohms

Maximum continuous heat flux: 15 W/cm²

Maximum transient heat flux: 30 W/cm²

Because the SB1000 is water-cooled it shouldn't ever get hot. However, care still needs to be taken as too high a heat flux can overheat the epoxy on the face of the sensor. Please ensure that the surface temperature of the sensor never goes above 150°C in order to prevent damage. With regards to minimum temperature, care should be taken to never let the water coolant in the SB1000 freeze as it will expand and damage the sensor. When water cooling these sensors, it is not recommended to connect sensors together in series due to pressure drops.

In order to preserve measurement accuracy, the measurement surface should be kept clean. The sensors are suitable for use in an outdoor environment and are shower proof. It is recommended that the sensor be covered and protected from the weather when not in use. However, note that rainwater on the measurement surface will spoil any measurements taken.

Ordering Information

The only thing about this sensor that needs to be specified is the mechanical package. There are links to some of the more popular packages on this web page, but other designs are possible. Please tell us your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate your mechanical requirements.

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