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Sequoia is well known as the leading wireless product supplier from GPRS through to 3G and now 4G LTE.

Siretta modems and antenna range

* M2M/IoT 3G/4G Routers
* 2G/3G/4G Modems
* Wide range of antennas - probably the widest range available.
* 3G/4G signal testers

  • Mike 1A - GSM/GPRS/3G magnetic mount antenna
    Mike 1A
  • ZETA-N-UMTS MODEM - 3G / UMTS Modem, USB and RS232 Connection
  • Low loss SMA (M) to SMA (F) - RF Low loss cable SMA extension cables
    Low loss SMA (M) to SMA (F)
  • OSCAR20 - High gain 4G/3G small Yagi antenna
  • QUARTZ 3G Routers - QUARTZ 3G/UMTS, HSPA+ Routers with Dual SIM / RS232 / 3x IO
    QUARTZ 3G Routers

GPRS & 3G Modems and Socket Modems from Siretta

The Siretta range of GSM/GPRS modems and Socket modems is one of the most advanced ranges from any manufacturer.

The modems offer a fast and effective method of GPRS/3G enablement of existing products for remote access, data tranmission and other applications.

The Siretta range of products complement our wireless expertise - the smart modem products are some of the most advanced products available and at a sensible price point. Take a look here...

  • Telit based GPRS / 3G / 4G smart modems
  • GPRS / 3G/ 4G signal testers
  • Range of low cost stand-alone modems to advanced "System on modem" designs
Modems 2G/GSM/GPRS Modems 3G Packaged and Socket Modems Modems with GPS and 2G, 3G or 4G connectivity 4G / LTE Modems 2G, 3G and 4G Self managing modems GPS Modems with 3G Modem connectivity 3G/UMTS Modems GSM/GPRS Modems



Designed to complement the Telit modules, GPRS and 3G terminals, Sequoia offer an extensive range of antennas suitable for embedded, vechicle and other mounting methods.

The Siretta antenna ranges comes with the benefit of in-house performance test data attached for you to be sure of the product. A further demonstration of our wireless expertise for our customers.

  • Most frequencies supported - GSM/GPRS/3G/4G/Wifi/Bluetooth
  • Tested and recommended by Sequoia
  • Adhesive, Embedded, Yagi and other mounting types
  • Outdoor vandal resistant & weatherproof designs
3G Antennas 4G Antennas Antennas Antennas categorised by mounting type Antennas tuned to specific frequencies Bluetooth antennas GPS Antennas GSM/GPRS Antennas ISM Antennas RF Adaptors/Connectors RF cable assemblies WiFi Antennas Zigbee Antennas

RF Cable assemblies and connectors

In any M2M wireless product the path between Tx/Rx and antenna is critical to achieve optimum signal strength and data rates.

Sequoia's High quality RF extension cables, short length internal antenna cable assemblies and RF adapters & connectors are manufactured to provide a high quality component to provide performance demanded from your application.

  • MMCX,FMA, FME, TNC, UFL and other connectors
  • straight, right angle, PCB mount options
  • Connectors, RF extension cables and antenna cables
  • Choice of extension/internal RF cable lengths and connectors
RF Connectors for PCB & Cables RF RG58 coaxial extension cables RF Coax Pigtail Cables RF Coaxial Cables and Pigtail Cables Low loss RF cable assemblies

GSM GPRS and 3G Signal Strength Testers

An essential product for field surveys and installations of GPRS / 3G enabled equipment, Sequoia's GPRS and 3G signal srength testers provide comprehensive reporting features to ensure your equipment has the best chance of connecting reliably to your selected network.

  • Handheld and battery powered with charger
  • Robust and durable design
  • Identifies surrounding base stations
  • Works without SIM
3G Signal Strength Testers 2G GSM Signal Strength Tester