Telit GE864 Module Family

The Telit GE864 and GE864 V2 modules are small, lightweight, low power consumption and RoHS compliant devices that allow digital communication services wherever a GSM 850, 900, DCS 1800 or PCS 1900 network is present. The GE864 / V2 range is a low cost connector-less top-notch solution for medium to high quantity projects. The GE864-QUAD V2 is the chipset-generation evolution of the best seller GE864-QUAD quad-band module. You can take advantage of the enhanced features and power profile of the V2 with an easy migration from previous module versions, upgrading your devices with short time-to-market. Since connectors are eliminated, compared to the conventional mounting, costs are significantly reduced. A well-documented subset of the ball grid is pin-to-pin compatible with its predecessor and the V2 features an enhanced GSM/GPRS protocol stack 3GPP Release 4.


  • Ideal for high volume, low cost applications
  • 30 x 30mm footprint
  • BGA package
  • GE864-QUAD

    GSM/GPRS Embedded Wireless Module

  • GE864-QUAD V2

    GSM/GPRS Embedded Wireless Module

    GE864-QUAD V2


GE864-Quad GE864-QUAD V2
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 2.8 mm
Mounting Method BGA
RF Connectors Direct Connect
Connector type BGA
Main Connector BGA
GSM Operating Frequency 1800 MHz
1900 MHz
850 MHz
900 MHz
Voice Digital
Python® Support
Interfaces 1xD/A
Audio Interfaces Analogue
Serial Link UART
Max. no. of I/O ports 10
Form Factor Module