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Antennas galore at Sequoia

15/10/2015AntennasAntenna SolutionRF AntennasSirettaWiFiGSMGPRS3GUMTS

Top antenna picks this week

We have a wide range of Siretta RF antennas available at an unbeatable price. All antennas are in stock and can be shipped for next day delivery. Get yours now!

Alpha 10 - Slim blade WiFi antenna, suitable for applications that require an adhesive mount antenna. Click here to get yours now!

Mike 1A - 1/4 wave magnetic mount whip antenna, tuned to quad band GSM/GPRS and 3G frequencies. Click here to get yours now!

Oscar 17 - Omni-directional wall / bracket mount antenna, operating on quad band GSM/GPRS and 3G frequencies. Click here to get yours now!

Tango 26 - Miniature WiFi through hole mount antenna, suitable for applications that require a secure antenna fitting. Click here to get yours now!

Device connectivity made simple

24/09/2015Router3G Router4G RouterInternet of ThingsIoTCellular NetworkCellular RouterIndustrial Solution

Which route will you take?

Do you need a simple solution to send data to and from remotely connected equipment?

Do you want a reliable connection over the internet using the cellular mobile network?

Look no further than the Siretta routeCONNECT solutions, an industrial range of cellular routers providing simplicity and reliability within any connected application.

Remote devices can interface to the routeCONNECT cellular router via Wi-Fi or LAN cable. In addition, devices can connect via an RS232 serial connection or digital I/O.

To find out more about the routeCONNECT range or to get your hands on one - click below.

Your route to value performance.

Want reliable cellular connectivity?

17/09/20152G3GManaged ModemsCellular ConnectivityIndustrial Solution

linkCONNECT – Fit & Forget 2G & 3G Solutions

Do you want reliable cellular connectivity for your equipment?

Need a robust industrial solution at a competitive price?

Then linkCONNECT LC300 2G and 3G solutions are here with 5 great reasons why you should look at them….

Easy Setup
• Connect equipment via the linkCONNECT serial port
• Auto-Detection of the network

Easy Configuration
• Modems can be configured in the field by SMS Command

Connection Reliability “Always-on”
• For network disconnections, automatic re-connection provides the “always-on” solution

Application Scalability
• The linkCONNECT solution is agnostic of connected equipment and operating systems

• It can be set up for specific IP address communication in “client” or “server” mode

The LC300 Series provides a 2G and a 3G solution, both with global cellular coverage.

Click the link below to take a closer look.

linkCONNECT – bring simplicity to using GSM modems

Mobile M2M module market to triple in three years says Infonetics

17/09/2015Mobile M2MM2M ModuleM2MM2M MarketIoTMobile Operators

Article by Anthony Savvas

The M2M market is driven by the thirst for the Internet of Things and big moves by mobile operators.

Industry analyst Infonetics Research says the global mobile M2M module market will grow three-fold to be worth $4.5 billion by 2018.

Internet of things“Machine-to-machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming industries and creating tremendous opportunities for mobile M2M module vendors around the world,” said John Byrne, an analyst at Infonetics Research.

Click the link below to read the full article.

Want connectivity that manages itself?

17/09/2015GSM ModemEasy ConfigurationM2MRemote EquipmentGSM ConnectionIndustrial SolutionSMS Command

GSM Connection Management using linkCONNECT

Do you need to connect to remote equipment?

Do you need a reliable GSM connection that’s easy to fit and forget?

Do you want an industrial product at a competitive price?

Then linkCONNECT LC200-GPRS(EU) fits your requirement and here’s 5 reasons why...

Easy Setup
• Connect equipment via the linkCONNECT serial port
• Auto-Detection of the network

Easy Configuration
• Modems can be configured in the field by SMS Command

Connection Reliability “Always-on”
• For network disconnections, automatic re-connection provides the “always-on” solution

Application Scalability
• The linkCONNECT solution is agnostic of connected equipment and operating systems

• It can be set up for specific IP address communication in “client” or “server” mode

To unleash communication with your equipment take a look at the LC200-GPRS(EU).

Click the link below to buy now.

linkCONNECT – bring simplicity to using GSM modems

Struggling with your GSM connection for M2M?

27/08/2015GSM ConnectivityM2MM2M ConnectivityM2M SolutionM2M EquipmentGlobal SolutionRegional SolutionModemSelf Managing Modem

Welcome to linkCONNECT for M2M

Reliable, robust GSM connectivity

6 reasons to look at Siretta’s linkCONNECT solution
1. linkCONNECT: Siretta’s M2M solution to overcome common GSM connectivity issues
2. linkCONNECT: M2M solutions that detect the GSM network
3. linkCONNECT: M2M solutions that stay connected
4. linkCONNECT: No changes needed to your existing equipment
5. linkCONNECT: Offers regional and global solutions
6. linkCONNECT: You can purchase a solution today

Click the link below to see the linkCONNECT range.

linkCONNECT – bring simplicity to using GSM modems

How does your signal analyser measure up?

20/08/2015Signal TesterSignal StrengthCellular Network2G3GNetwork Test

5 Great Things About Siretta\'s SNYPER-3G

5 Great Things About Siretta's SNYPER-3G

• It tells you what you want to know: cellular signal strengths of the local 3G and 2G networks
• It's light yet rugged
• Operates without a SIM
• Easier to work with than a whole pile of SIM cards, and a lot quicker
• It has a rugged carry case for convenience and protection - “made for the job”

Oh and another thing, it's so easy to buy one!

Just click the link below to get yourself a brand new SNYPER-3G.

Internet of Things would speed care to wounded soldiers

14/08/2015SoldiersHealth AgencyIoTInternet of ThingsSoldier CareWireless Data Transmit

Article by Kevin McCaney

Military researchers have been floating the idea of sensor-laden soldiers essentially being part of the Internet of Things, whether for better situational awareness or improved performance. But there’s another potential benefit: better medical care for those who are wounded.

Click the link below to read the full article.

5G Wireless: What We Know (and Don’t Know) So Far...

13/08/2015Internet of Things5G4G5G Network4G NetworkHigh SpeedWirelessIoTConnected

Article written by Jess Bolluyt

Even as wireless carriers work to offer higher-speed 4G networks, researchers have their eye on the next “G”: 5G, which will be both faster and better able to manage the burgeoning Internet of Things, which enable practically countless devices to connect to the Internet and to each other.

To read more click the link below.

Want to know what extra features the Quantum Data 780C boasts?

11/08/2015Quantum DataQD 780CVideo TesterHDMIHDBaseTSDI

Watch this overview video to see why you should invest in the Quantum Data 780C multi-interface video and audio signal tester.

Quick run-through of the features of the Quantum data 780C video tester for HDMI, HDBaseT and SDI, highlighting the features that are new and different from the previous 780 model numbers.

Click the link below to see the video.

M2M connections increasing, but don’t call it IoT!

11/08/2015CellularWireless TerminalsCellular ModulesMachine CommunicationsM2MWireless

Article by Richard Wilson

The market for M2M cellular modules and wireless terminals is predicted to grow dramatically over the next three years.

By the end of 2019 the market for cellular M2M modules is expected to reach $2.2bn, according to a new report by Beecham Research.

Click the link below to read the full article.

How do your cellular results stack up?

06/08/2015Signal TesterSignal StrengthCellular NetworkNetwork SurveyUser FriendlyNetwork SignalSummarySaveDownload

Saving cellular network surveys and downloading to your PC

Welcome to our latest email on signal strength testing - introducing you to the SNYPER-3G Prism.

What does it do for you?

The SNYPER-3G Prism is great for saving your cellular network surveys and downloading them in user friendly formats to your PC. This means you can analyse, store and share the results, aswell as make decisions on operator performance that benefits your customers and their solutions.

5 things the SNYPER-3G Prism does for you:
• Surveys the cellular network
• Strongest to weakest network signal results
• Summarises available towers at defined signal strength levels for each network operator
• Saves up to 50 surveys on the device
• USB download so you can save results on your PC in CSV and HTML formats

All of this comes to you enclosed in a rugged carry case with antenna, power adaptor and USB cable.

No SIM is required to perform the functions on the SNYPER-3G Prism.

For more information or to order yours now - click the link below!

Want to maximise your signal strength?

05/08/2015Signal TesterSignal StrengthNetwork TestNetwork Strength3G NetworkSignal AnalyserCellular Network

Want to know more about your cellular connection?

Last week we covered the Siretta SNYPER-3G - a signal analyser which surveys the cellular network and return results for GSM and UMTS base stations.

This week we focus on another member of the SNYPER-3G family, the SNYPER-3G Spectrum.

With the SNYPER-3G Spectrum you can save up to 50 surveys. All saved survey results can be downloaded to your PC in HTML or CSV format and you can perform a real time liveSCAN of your site/area to assist with optimum antenna location.

For the most accurate alignment to a desired base station, we recommend using a high performance directional antenna (liveSCAN antenna kit). Please note that a SIM is required to perform the liveSCAN feature.

For more information or to order yours now - click the link below!

Wish you didn’t have to carry all those SIMs?

05/08/2015Cellular ConnectionCellular NetworkCellular StrengthSignal Strength2G Network3G NetworkSurvey

Want to know more about your cellular connection?

In recent weeks we have introduced you to our quikCONNECT modems range. This week we move onto the installation area.

Supposing you now want to survey the intended location where the modem and antenna will be installed to determine cellular reception; how will you do it?

Well, you could carry a load of SIMs around with you, but do you really want to be carrying them around and trying to keep track of them? The alternative is carrying a “made for the job” analyser, like the SNYPER-3G, which looks the part and delivers results in an easy to read fashion. When you’ve finished with it, you can put it back in it’s carrycase and have it handy for the next time you need it. All designed to save you time, improve performance and get you on to the next job.

So what will it do for you at your particular location? It will:
• Survey the 3G and 2G networks
• Determine the best network for that location
• Sequence results by signal strength
• Provide a summary of surrounding network base-stations at set signal strength levels
• Save your last set of results on the device itself

Oh, and the good news is, you don’t need any SIMs.

Click the link below to get your hands on a SNYPER-3G

Remote monitoring of temperature with SMS/Email alerts

24/07/2015Environmental monitoringGPRS temperature sensorTemperature sensorsARGON100Remote temperature monitoring

ARGON100 enables low cost temperature monitoring of any location via GPRS connection

Remote monitoring of temperature with alerts
If you need to monitor the temperature at a remote location, or one where it is difficult or too expensive to install a cabled network connection, then doing so with an internet enabled GSM temperature sensor offers many advantages including:

  • Always-on
  • Easy to install – no cabling, up and running quickly
  • Ability to send alerts to one or more phone number/email address
  • Low cost

Typical applications
Some of the applications where remote temperature monitoring systems are deployed include:

  • Fridge/Freezer monitoring
  • Warehouse environmental monitoring
  • Server room temperature monitoring
  • Livestock monitoring of sheds
  • Vulnerable people
  • Monitoring of air-conditioned rooms in case the air conditioning failure
  • Greenhouses - detecting temperature too high or too low
    • Solution – ARGON100
      The ARGON100 is a GSM (GPRS) connected temperature monitoring system capable of monitoring temperatures and providing alerts when the temperature is over or under a set level. The device can be configured with up to 10 mobile phone numbers for sending text message. In addition, users can request the current temperature by sending a text message to the unit and viewing the response. ARGON100 is supplied with an external temperature sensor which can be positioned inside a fridge/freezer or wherever the optimum position is. Other temperature sensor cable lengths are also available.

      Features / Benefits

      • Quick to install and easy to configure – up and running in minutes
      • Compact design to fit any location
      • Quad-band GSM works on all GPRS bands
      • Alert one or more email addresses / mobile numbers

      For more details of the ARGON100 GPRS temperaturing monitoring product please click the link -

Selecting the right M2M modem for your IoT application

23/07/2015M2M modems3g modemsgprs modemsselection guide

Machine to Machine (M2M) cellular modems connect IoT devices to the internet using 2G/3G/4G celluar network

Machine to Machine (M2M) cellular modems form the bridge between Internet of Things (IoT) device and the internet using the 2G/3G/4G network. The modems typically connect with other systems including remote monitoring, vehicle telematics and other systems via RS232 serial connection (2G/GPRS) or USB (3G/4G modems) and connect to the internet over TCP/IP.

Where will it be deployed?
M2M modems are built around a GSM module which, for 2G/GPRS, will be developed for dual-band (900/1800MHz) or quad-band (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz) operation. Dual-band modems have limited coverage (e.g. Europe only) whereas quad-band devices will operate worldwide. Note also that some countries are already phasing out 2G in favour of 3G. For 4G, the number of available bands is 44 worldwide which makes manufacture of world-wide supported 4G modules uneconomical. Manufacturers must therefore select the right modem for the intended location.

What will be powering it?
For automotive applications the supply voltage may be nominally 12 or 24V DC but this could drop slightly and will increase with the engine running. Modems deployed for automotive therefore need to be able to operate with a wide input voltage range. The modems should also filter any noise on the DC line such that modem performance is not degraded. Modems can operate in lower power modes whilst in a ‘sleep’ mode of operation, but may consume up to 2A peak during transmission periods requiring careful consideration of power supply to the device.


5 ways to improve 2G/3G signal strength for M2M devices

21/07/20153g analyserSignal testerModemsM2M

Improving the reliability of M2M devices with better signal strength

Systems are only as reliable as their weakest link and when it comes to M2M wireless -the weakest link is poor, intermittent signal strength. Low signal levels result in poor system performance, slow response times and reliability issues. For system installers and other M2M vendors, how do you ensure the very best 2G or 3G signal strength?

1. Checking the 2G/3G signal strength
Typically most M2M cellular systems will simply not work, or the performance is substantially degraded by low signal strength. This may result in data not being transmitted, irregular polling success or complete lack of connection. Some wireless devices (routers / modems) have a signal strength indication facility but these only report on the connection available to them.

An independent check of signal strength can be performed using a 2G / 3G signal strength analyser such as the Siretta SNYPER. These testers are hand held, network independent, and analyse the signal strength for all available networks. SNYPER can be connected to the deployed antenna to check the actual signal strength of the installed system.

2. Which network SIM to use?
Depending on location you may find one cellular network has a better signal strength than the other networks. The SNYPER product checks this for you without the need to buy a SIM from each network. Once the network has been decided the next step is to optimise the antenna and RF cables routing back to the M2M device.

3. Re-positioning the antenna
Fitting the antenna in the

Self-managing modems ensure optimum network connectivity

20/07/2015ModemsConnectivityreliabilityself-managing modemslinkCONNECT

New linkCONNECT cellular modems actively manage cellular connection for maximum up-time

linkCONNECT modems for 2G/GPRS and 3G/UMTS provide seamless actively managed cellular network connectivity. These modems have linkCONNECT software running on them which will automatically reconnect to the network if the connection fails for any reason. linkCONNECT software deals with many inherent issues relating to 2G and 3G to ensure your system maintains the very best 2G/3G network connection possible. linkCONNECT provides RS232 pass-through to make it easy to add 2G/3G connectivity to your existing RS232 devices.

ZOOM in on the key to the door?


quikCONNECTivity for legacy equipment

Each week in the last 3 weeks we have introduced you to the quikCONNECT range of products, designed to cleverly connect people or machines to remote equipment, providing peace of mind, improved performance and greater efficiency.

Remember, we are addressing the questions you come up with most:
1. What do I need to connect a remote application to a central monitoring location?
2. How quickly can I get my solution to market?
3. How do I keep my solution cost effective?

Previously we have introduced you to the entry level modem models in the ZEST (for European Coverage) and ZETA (for Global Coverage) Series.

This week we are catering for legacy applications. It’s great that we can add connectivity for new M2M systems, but also, a variety of existing equipment will benefit from network connectivity. At Sequoia we have the quikCONNECT ZOOM product range which allows existing equipment to be connected up to the cellular network. The ZOOM Series is a range of embedded boards, or 'Socket Modems', that provide 2G, 3G or 4G connectivity. Simply use the interfaces on the board to connect to your application.

Let’s say you want to remotely connect to a legacy door locking system, then zoom in on the ZOOM-N-GPRS, the 2G socket modem within the ZOOM series, capable of adding connectivity to legacy equipment.

Buy it along with the ZOOM-EVK evaluation board and you will have the perfect environment for developing a cellular solution. The good bit is that your existing equipment may not need to

Get connected...

13/07/20153g Routers4G RoutersMICAQUARTZIndustrial routeOEM Cellular Routers

Get connected with our new 3G/4G industrial routers.

The MICA and QUARTZ routers are designed for industrial applications and systems integrators with a host of features including WiFi / GPS / VPN / Ethernet / RS232 and 3 x IO. Compact and rugged, the new routers suit wide ranging applications including digital signage, remote monitoring and control, SCADA and much more. Want to know more? Follow the link below!

3G/UMTS and 4G/LTE industrial routers


Sequoia adds new range of industrial (OEM packaged) routers with WiFi

The range comprises 3 styles of router – MICA – the compact low cost 3/4G and wifi router series, ZIRCON – the multi LAN input 3/4G and WiFi router series and the QUARTZ – the top end 3/4G router series with I/O and dual SIM capability. The three series have many options available and with a fully flexible firmware platform depending on customer requirement. Popular versions of the three series are available on short leadtimes and can be ordered directly from our webshop.

Who wants to make a song and dance?


quikCONNECTivity for taking control

So far we have introduced you to the quikCONNECT range of products, designed to cleverly connect people or machines to remote equipment, providing peace of mind, improved performance and greater control of decision making.

Remember, we are addressing the questions you come up with most:
1. What do I need to connect a remote application to a central monitoring location?
2. How quickly can I get my solution to market?
3. How do I keep my solution cost effective?

Last week the quikCONNECT ZEST provided a solution in a fuel distribution application and that seemed to go down quite well.

So this week we thought we’d not only find you a product to use for data communication over the cellular network, but also a product that will enable you to implement or to react to do a bit of controlling from afar. How cool is that?

So if you want to create a buzz, ring a bell, blow hot or cold, shut something up or generally make a song and dance about something then the quikCONNECT ZETA modem provides you with the means to do this, and it can be deployed globally.

Take your first step now by clicking on the link below and making your solution sing!

Step into one of Sequoia's most popular solutions by clicking the link below.

quikCONNECTivity – connecting you with opportunity

Machine to Machine Comms made easy


How do you fill the Comms gap?

Last week we introduced you to Siretta’s quikCONNECT range of products. Products that fill the comms gap connecting you, your office, your customers to remotely installed equipment, allowing you to monitor performance and make vital decisions from wherever you are.

This week, we introduce you to the first potential solution with one of the quikCONNECT entry level products. We start with a few questions our customers usually have to ponder, such as:
1) What do I need to connect a remote application to a central monitoring location?
2) How quickly can I get my solution to market?
3) How do I keep my solution cost effective?

The popular quikCONNECT ZEST addresses all these points and turbo boosts solutions into your client customer base.

Begin today by ordering the low cost quikCONNECT ZEST modem or it’s starter kit. The product just needs your expertise with AT commands and Python scripts and you'll be communicating with your application before you know it.

Buy one today, and provide the “zest” to increase your clients’ opportunities from being connected.

Step into one of Sequoia's most popular solutions by clicking the link below.

Want your application in the “Connected” world?


quikCONNECTivity for Business

With businesses striving to improve performance, reduce costs, increase market share, have you considered connecting your products to the cellular network and beyond?

Maybe you already have, but know you want to do more.

If you haven’t, maybe you just need some guidance?

It may just be a question of making time, finding out more.

Whatever it is, you are not alone.

Sequoia has found many clients in similar situations.

The solution has generally been found by providing some inspiration and direction.

This comes in the form of a great portfolio of cellular products, the quikCONNECT modem range.

Installed with your software, these products enable remote applications to connect with a central monitoring point.

In subsequent posts, Sequoia will introduce you to quikCONNECT solutions.

Meanwhile, speak to your Sequoia representative about downloading our quikCONNECT flyer!

High performance delivered by our high gain, GPRS/3G, half wave whip antenna - together with low loss cable:

09/07/2015half wave antenna3G Antennagprs antennaantennaswhip antenna

Remote monitoring applications such as asset tracking demand a highly robust, all weather antenna solution.

Furthermore, longer cables may be required to install the antenna at an optimum location.

Maintain high quality signal at all stages with our high gain MIKE 2A half wave whip antenna (Peak gain 5 dBi). Equipped with the tried & tested LMR100 low loss cable, the MIKE 2A is designed to deliver superior performance at global GSM and 3G frequencies even with longer cables. The robust MIKE 2A comes with a strong magnetic base for quick, easy and sturdy installations.

Mike 2A is one of our most popular antennas, used in utilities metering, car park metering, security, remote monitoring and many more applications.

Click the link to buy now!




Maybe you need to mount displays around a shopping centre, conference centre or airport, located great distances from the distribution panel?

Maybe it’s at a petrol station where safety considerations mean that you cannot use standard copper DVI cables.

The answer to these problems is to send the video over fibre optic cables.

The Opticis M1-3R2VI-DU comprises a pair of adapters that allows Dual Link DVI signals to be sent over fibre to a total distance of up to 2000m (2km). This easy to use solution requires no special drivers of software, and supports up to WQXGA (2560x1600) resolutions at up to 60Hz refresh rates.

Want to know more about your cellular connection?


Ever wanted to make things quicker, easier and more efficient for your field based teams?

Need to know the optimum antenna location for your network provider?

Need to site an antenna according to best signal strength?

Welcome to Siretta's SNYPER-3G Spectrum.
The latest innovative product in the growing family of SNYPER solutions.

Click the link to find out more!

Cost effective entry to the IoT

09/07/2015IoT ModemsM2M ModemsZESTlow costGPRS modems

This week we wanted to show you a low cost way of getting involved in the Internet of Things.

If your desire is to provide a cost effective GSM link from your application to a monitoring location then what could represent better value than the popular ZEST from Siretta's quikCONNECT family. Why bother trying to make something similar? Reduce your time to market and turbo boost solutions into your client customer base. Begin today by ordering up the ZEST. The product just needs your expertise with AT commands and Python scripts and you'll be communicating with your application before you know it.

Why not take a look today? It could be just the impetus(or zest) you need to open up the cost benefits of machine to machine communications for your customers.

Click the link to step into one of Sequoia's most popular solutions.

Calling all development projects...

09/07/2015IoT Modemembedded modemsZOOMsocket modems

Want your equipment to join the Internet of Things?

Need a simple, quick way to access the cellular network and start transmitting data?

Want to begin development but not sure where to start?

This "plug and play" technology lends itself to rapid integration with your application - ideal for providing legacy equipment with access to the cellular network.

Sequoia have the answer with their popular ZOOM development hardware.

Start by picking your ZOOM evaluation kit and then select your plug-in board and you'll be opening connections before you know it!

ZOOM products come in 2G or 3G (with 2G fallback) versions.

If you want GPS, then there's an option for that as well!

Search 'ZOOM' for all your buy now options!

Establish and maintain superior mobile connectivity.


Outdoor applications demand a fast and reliable mobile connection

Outdoor applications such as automatic metering, irrigation and environmental monitoring systems and more demand a fast and reliable mobile connection. The cost effectiveness of these solutions relies on uninterrupted connectivity. It is therefore imperative that the antenna solutions used for these applications are capable of establishing and maintaining superior mobile connectivity at all times.

Our answer is the Siretta OSCAR 1, Siretta’s most popular antenna for outdoor applications. The OSCAR 1 is a wall mount, global mobile (penta-band) and high gain antenna. The rock solid OSCAR 1 is provided with a sturdy bracket mount. The OSCAR 1 is highly robust and is designed for applications operating in harsh environments. Thousands of these antennas are deployed worldwide, serving multiple industries. So whether you are looking to upgrade your antenna solution or just looking to give your mobile application a boost, OSCAR 1 will always do the job better.

Typical applications: Automatic meter management, Irrigation control, environmental monitoring, remote monitoring, asset management and more.

The antenna is available in variations of cable lengths and connectors.

Click the link to buy one now!

Outdoor GPS and GLONASS Antenna


Dual-tech, dual-mount, high gain and weatherproof!

Location based applications and systems rely on high levels of accuracy when it comes to geographical positioning. The end customers in return rely on information gathered by these systems to make important decisions that affect the business. Precision is inevitable at all stages of the process. Traditionally, GPS has been the first and only choice for location based applications and services. However, with the availability of more Satellite positioning technologies such as GLONASS, there is a high demand for systems that use both GPS and GLONASS for optimum levels of accuracy.

Sequoia supply products to meet the challenges faced when deploying positioning systems. We are therefore glad to announce the launch of Mike 11 by Siretta. We are the first distributor to get our hands on this little gem. The dual-tech (GPS and GLONASS), dual mount (magnetic and adhesive) and high gain (28dBi) Mike 11 is also weatherproof (IP65 rated). Need we say more? Oh yes and did we mention that is it the most compact and tiny dual-tech antenna (49x39x14mm)?

Click the link to buy it now!

Alpha 18 GPRS / 3G Dipole antennas

21/01/2015Antennasdipole antennas3g antennas

The Alpha 18 is a small, low profile, adhesive Quad Band and 3G horn antenna.

This compact dipole is the latest addition to the Siretta Alpha family of antennas and it is designed to fix discreetly and securely onto most surfaces. So whether the ALPHA 18 is on top of an energy meter or on the side of telemetry equipment, it delivers flawless performance and hence connectivity in varying environments and applications. Supplied with a 3M adhesive base, the Alpha 18 is perfect for quick and simple installations onto a number of different surface materials such as: metal, glass, wood and plastic. More so, the use of an adhesive base takes away the need to drill holes or apply adhesive substances - simply ‘peel & press’ the antenna into its desired position.

Low loss RF cable assemblies


Low loss RF cable assemblies help provide significant improvement over RG58.

Low loss RF cable assemblies help provide significant improvement of RF signals compared with RG58. Our range includes many common and more specialist low loss cable assemblies ready-made and available to buy online. Products include SMA and FME low loss extension cables as well as inter-series RF cables such as SMA to FME, SMA to TNC and SMA to N-type. 

Em01b Web sensors now available from Sequoia


The EM01b family of internet connected websensors are now available to buy online from the Sequoia website

The EM01 series of temperature monitors are perfect for IT administrators where a collection of EM01 monitors remotely placed can be reviewed using the NAGIOS® platform from any internet browser. But, they are also easily usable for any private temperature monitoring use where there is an Ethernet connection available and the user wants to monitor and and be notified of over and under conditions by email or SMS messaging. Some care is needed in the Internet addressing of the EM01 products for wide area networking use but our quick start guides and FAQs guide the user well. EM01 devices are designed to work with multiple sensors and we offer preconfigured bundles which suit most applications. The application bundles are lower cost than buying the parts seperately. EM01b-STN: This is the standard websensor for temperature and humidity EM01b-VLT: For customers who wish to monitor voltage levels, the EM01b-VLT is designed to read a voltage range of 0-18V, ideal for monitoring battery levels remotely. EM01b-LCD includes a LCD display for instaneous readout of monitored temperature and humidity values. EM01b-FLD includes a flood sensor. EM01b-PRO is a bundle which includes the ES01 LCD display and ES11 flood sensor, the optimum solution for monitoring Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

NEW USB Data loggers range


The Carbon range of temperature and humidity data loggers has been added to our sensors offering

With a choice of low cost temperature and humidity USB data loggers, the Carbon series features versions with or without LCD readout of values. The products enable setting maximum and minimum values for alerts and the user can download the temperature and humidity values to their PC for viewing in a spreadsheet. Designed for ease of use the USB data loggers are typically used in transportation of goods as well as industrial and medical applications.

New GSM based data loggers


Carbon GSM-T temperature data logger and GSM-TH Temp+Humidity data logger now available

The Carbon GSM-T and Carbon GSM-TH are GSM-based data loggers with large easy to read backlit LCD and audible alarm. In addition, the data values and alerts can be transmitted over the GSM network making remote monitoring easy. Both units come with integral PP3 battery (external power source required for GSM features). These products can log up to 65000 data points and you can set minimum and maximum values for alerts to be notified. The data loggers are available from stock ready to be bought online.

NEW DisplayPort 1.2 video analyser


Quantum Data have released a new firmware option for the 980 DisplayPort video generator to enable video analysis

Quantum Data™ has announced availability of a new option for the DisplayPort 1.2 Video Generator module used in the 980 video test generator platform. In addition to being able to generate DisplayPort 1.2 video signals at up to 5.4Gbps over up to 4 lanes, the module is now able to support basic analysis of DisplayPort 1.2 streams at HBR2 link rates up to 5.4Gbps.

The analyser (receiver) port of the DisplayPort card acts as and emulates a DisplayPort sink, allowing video signals received from an attached DisplayPort source to be analysed. Sampled snapshots of the incoming video may be viewed to confirm that the incoming video is correct and as expected. All video timing, link training status, EDID traffic, DPCD register transactions etc. occurring between the sink and source are captured and assigned timestamps for inspection and analysis. The DisplayPort receiver port may be programmed with different user defined DisplayPort EDIDs to test how the source behaves with the different EDIDs. The Analyser has a built in DPCD Editor that enables viewing of the DPCD being used on the DisplayPort receiver port and to configure a new DPCD’s for emulation. The Auxiliary Channel Analyser (ACA) works in the same way as the ACA in the Quantum Data HDMI and MHL analysers. Indeed, the DisplayPort card may be fitted into a 980 series unit together with the HDMI and MHL options to make a truly multi-standard video tester.

980 DisplayPort Analyser

Opticis introduce the IPKVM-310-ED KVM extender


16x16 Multicast Supportable HDMI / DVI IP KVM Extender

This product enables distribution of sixteen (16) video sources to up to sixteen (16) displays in the multi-screen mode or a single-screen in HD mode on the remote displays and makes sixteen (16) local keyboard and mouse accessible to the source.

This new video extender works by using 16x16 multicast streaming over an IP Ethernet network. In multi-screen mode, all 16 channels may be simultaneously monitored with a 640x480 video resolution, or a single screen may be monitored in Full HD (1080p) in single screen mode.

KVM function allows for keyboard and mouse use, and the solution will work on a standard 10/100 Base-T TCP/IP network using CAT5e and CAT6 cables.

The IPKVM-310-ED uses an MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC (H.264) codec which supports video resolutions up to 1920x1080 @60Hz (1080p60). HDMI 1.3 and DVI1.0 video support is provided.

Setup is made easy using an OSD based GUI, and HDMI & USB loopback is provided for local display, keyboard and mouse and for debug purposes.

IPKVM-310-ED system diagram

Oscar 16 Quad band antenna


Extend your reach with the Oscar 16 Quad-band antenna

Extend your reach with the Oscar 16 Quad-band directional antenna With a high gain of 12dB and a rugged hinged bracket mount, the Oscar 16 ensures the network is within your grip at all times. The Oscar 16 is constructed from a very light weight ABS thermoplastic and smoothly operates in extreme temperatures (-30 to 70°C). Read more about the Oscar 16 and buy online.

Quantum Data Announces New 4K 780 Series Test Instrument


780C Multi-Interface Interoperability Tester for Video and Audio

Quantum Data™, a worldwide provider of video test equipment, today announced an addition to the 780 series test instruments—the 780C Multi-Interface Interoperability Tester for Video and Audio. The 780C is similar in form and operation to the recently released 780B with the real time status bar and larger 7 inch color touch screen. But the 780C is a true quantum leap in the industry by offering multiple digital video interfaces in a signal test instrument. The 780C features the following video/audio interfaces:

  • HDMI Tx and Rx ports operating up to 300MHz pixel rate
  • HDBaseT Tx and Rx ports operating up to 300MHz pixel rate
  • 3G-SDI Tx and Rx ports operating up to 2.97Gbps data rate
  • Analogue RGB and Component video Tx port operating up to 80MHz
  • Digital audio (SPDIF & optical) ports

The 780C, although not battery powered as its 780 series predecessors, is a convenient portable handheld test instrument. The unique capabilities of the instrument offered by virtue of its multiple digital interfaces can verify interoperability between heterogeneous digital video devices, converter devices, distribution gear and entire digital video networks including networks comprising 4K ultra-high definition products. And because the 780C is equipped with both Tx and Rx digital video ports, it can be used to segment networks either from the upstream or downstream direction. These unique capabilities make the 780C an invaluable tool for development and test engineers as well as professional AV integrators.

The 780C combines versatility with ease of use at an attractive price. Contact your Quantum Data distributor or representative

NEW Micro Sized Chip Antennas


WiFi - Bluetooth - ZigBee

The Siretta Echo 29 is a 3.2 x 1.6mm 2.4GHz chip antenna for embedded wireless applications that require WiFi, Bluetooth or ZigBee transmission. The Echo 29 is designed for direct surface mounting onto a PCB via soldering. From careful antenna placement and the use of a suitable ground clearance on your PCB, gains of >3dBi can be achieved. Antenna radiation is omnidirectional however, the antenna's gain capabilities vary slightly from one plane to another.

The Echo 29 is highly recommended for high volume, mass production wireless applications due to its size, availability and cost effectiveness. Sequoia hold full specification sheets on antenna positioning and PCB layout are available and in addition to this, we have a number of highly skilled technical engineers that can provide support for antenna integration with your WiFi, Bluetooth or ZigBee device.

At Sequoia, we hold full stock of the Siretta Echo 29 antenna available for next day delivery. Follow the link below for antenna specifications, datasheets and pricing.

WiFi Antennas go miniature!


Tango 25 and 26 - miniature, WiFi, bolt-through antennas

Tango 25 and 26 - miniature, WiFi, bolt-through antennas The smallest, outdoor, bolt-through WiFi antennas available (probably) Ø 22mm > IP65 rated > 2.4 + 5GHz versions

NEW High Performance PCB Antenna


35 x 6mm Quad Band GSM/GPRS, 2G & 3G/UMTS PCB Antenna

The Echo 1A is a GSM & 3G tuned PCB antenna, setting the bench mark high with an impressive level of performance across all the frequencies despite being an extremely compact antenna solution. With a miniature footprint size of 35 x 6mm, the Echo 1A is perfect for applications where internal space for components is limited or when using an external antenna is simply not appropriate. Its miniature design allows this antenna to be fixed to the inside of an enclosure or directly onto a PCB with little hassle. Common applications for this embedded antenna include: waterproof / water tight designs, portable solutions and general GSM applications that require a compact invention.

Stocked and ready to ship with the following cable lengths / connectors:

  • 100mm 1.13mm coax cable with IPEX connector
  • 100mm 1.13mm coax cable with GSC connector
  • 200mm 1.13mm coax cable with IPEX connector
  • 200mm 1.13mm coax cable with GSC connector

Wireless Integration Made Easy


Embedded modems from Siretta for fast and efficient wireless development

Enable wireless connectivity within your equipment, quickly and easily, and without the need for modem design expertise. The ZOOM series of embedded modems integrate directly into the heart of your application, with powerful features, simple physical mounting and a low installed cost. Just design your application around the ZOOM, choose from a range of interfaces including TTL, RS232 and USB, and get connected. With a common platform for the GPRS and 3G / UMTS networks, and 4G / LTE on its way, the ZOOM ensures a robust future proof solution for industrial M2M communications.

The WiFi Antenna Collection...


The WiFi Antenna Collection from Siretta

WiFi - everything is going WiFi - driving a growing demand for antenna solutions. When will your equipment be WiFi enabled? Consult us for antenna choice and deployment. AVAILABILITY - from miniature embedded designs to rugged through-hole mounting, Siretta has the most extensive range of WiFi antennas.

Siretta\'s New Range of WiFi Dedicated Antennas


High performance WiFi antennas now in stock

Sequoia Technology are proud to present the new range of Siretta WiFi antennas - from tiny embedded PCB types to the rugged IP rated through hole mount antennas - now stocked and ready for sale.

This unique set of WiFi antennas are each tuned to 2.4GHz that provides compatibility with a host of short range applications including: WiFi, WLAN, Bluetooth & ZigBee. Furthermore, we have a number of dual band antennas that are tuned to the 5GHz frequency band as well as the traditional 2.4GHz.

To browse the new WiFi range, please follow the URL link below.

Long range wireless terminals go the extra mile!


The Telit LT70-868 RF terminal achieves the near impossible - reliable link, long range and running on batteries!

The Telit LT70-868 RF terminal achieves the near impossible - reliable link, long range and running on batteries! The LT70-868 is a great fit for a professional, remote monitoring, wireless system in the 868MHz license-free band. With its embedded star network capability and 10Km range, this RF terminal is a true performer - and even more compelling at its new low price.....

Wireless M2M - Keep it in the Family


Advanced terminals and modems for versatile wireless applications

M2M connectivity is the new revolution, with wireless terminals and modems at the heart of this powerful sea change. It’s not one size fits all however, and a careful selection of products is needed to optimise overall system performance. Meeting the varied and often complex requirements that M2M can bring is a complete family of terminals and modems from wireless specialist Siretta, with advanced technical features and a price level that may surprise you. The ZEST series is our new entry level terminal, perfect for economic wireless enablement. For more demanding environments the ZETA range adds GPIO connectivity, and a serious track record in infrastructure. If an embedded solution is needed then the ZOOM is an excellent choice, with a space saving design, GPIO and a host of interfaces. For the ultimate performance consider the ZULU and ZEUS, with USB or Ethernet interface and on board 32 bit microprocessor for powerful application development, directly within the terminal.

The RF Cable Assembly Connection


High quality RF cable assemblies with choice and availability

RF cable assemblies are a critical part of a wireless M2M design, but their vital role is often overlooked, or specifying left to the last minute. Wireless specialist Siretta recognise the importance of these key products, and how supply difficulties or lack of choice can delay new designs. With a recently enhanced portfolio, Siretta are now providing one of the widest ranges of RF cable assemblies, with highly competitive prices and ex stock availability. From micro coax assemblies for internal connection to antenna extension cables, our high quality range combines popular connector configurations such as GSC, MMCX and SMA with a choice of cable options, ensuring an excellent fit for most requirements. Each standard assembly is stocked in a variety of cable lengths, while for volume requirements we offer fully customised products tailored to the exact needs of your application.

The RF Cable Assembly Connection


High quality RF cable assemblies with choice and availability

RF cable assemblies are a critical part of a wireless M2M design, but their vital role is often overlooked, or specifying left to the last minute. Wireless specialist Siretta recognise the importance of these key products, and how supply difficulties or lack of choice can delay new designs. With a recently enhanced portfolio, Siretta are now providing one of the widest ranges of RF cable assemblies, with highly competitive prices and ex stock availability. From micro coax assemblies for internal connection to antenna extension cables, our high quality range combines popular connector configurations such as GSC, MMCX and SMA with a choice of cable options, ensuring an excellent fit for most requirements. Each standard assembly is stocked in a variety of cable lengths, while for volume requirements we offer fully customised products tailored to the exact needs of your application.

Rock Solid Wireless Terminals


Rugged high performance terminals for demanding M2M applications

If you’re developing professional wireless systems, then achieving an excellent technical performance can be just part of the challenge. Ensuring your solution has the reliability and longevity required, over a range of demanding installation sites, is likely to be equally critical. The ZETA series of wireless terminals, from specialist manufacturer Siretta, offer an ideal combination of exceptional M2M performance, with an enviable reputation for robust reliable service in public space and infrastructure applications. With GPRS or UMTS network coverage, the ZETA provides RS232 and USB interfaces, with up to five additional GPIO lines for control of connected devices. A wide power supply capability of 5-60V gives versatility, while the extended temperature range allows use in harsh environments such as remote monitoring. Simply integrated into your system with AT commands, the ZETA also features optional GPS in its UMTS form. With a high level of advanced features, and a surprisingly economic price, the compact ZETA is the perfect choice where a reliable high performance solution is required.

Your First Fix for GPS Antennas


One of the widest ranges of GPS antennas, providing optimum performance and a range of mounting styles

GPS has come a long way since its earliest inception in military applications. Now a mainstay for navigation, surveying and mapping, this unique technology - GPS, Glonass - and soon Gallileo and Compass, is being adopted by more and more applications every day. Location based services in almost everything ensure that the GNSS industry will continue growing at a rapid rate. Siretta offers one of the widest ranges of high quality GPS / GLONASS antennas, ensuring you meet the performance and mounting objectives that your application requires. Antenna choice is a critical decision for best performance, especially when used with combined GPS / Glonass receiver modules. The Siretta range includes a wide variation of mounting styles from embedded to vandal resistant, adhesive to magnetic, including combination products offering GSM and GPS in one package. All products contain a low noise amplifier (LNA) for maximum sensitivity and quick acquisition time.

The Smartest Wireless Terminal


High performance wireless terminals for M2M communications

Machine to machine (M2M) communications and the ‘Internet-of-things’ is the way forward says TechUK.org, where many wireless terminals will be needed to effect the wide reaching benefits that the IOT will bring. But, continuing to design and build terminals to your own circuit design could represent a missed opportunity. The new ZULU cellular terminals from specialist manufacturer Siretta offer a major breakthrough, combining high performance USB terminals with an advanced computing platform, all in the same compact package, and at a sensible price. It’s never been so easy to match intelligent functionality with wireless communication. With a choice of GPRS or UMTS coverage, the ZULU terminal platform features the popular and capable ARM Cortex M4 32bit microprocessor offering fast and efficient development of your own application, directly within the terminal. Combine this with a standard range of additional interfaces including CAN, 1-wire and I2C, a wide power supply capability of 5-42V, and optional battery backup, and you have the ultimate all in one smart solution. Let the ZULU range of terminals be the core of your next wireless application.

Antennas with Extra Attraction


Magnetic mount GSM/3G and GPS antennas, offering high performance and placement flexibility

Antenna placement is not always as straightforward as it seems. Finding that optimum position can be the difference between a functioning system with good signal strength, and a frustrating battle with patchy reception. If you’re unsure where that ideal location is then you need a product with placement flexibility, and stable semi-permanent mounting. What better solution than the Mike series of high performance antennas from Siretta, featuring magnetic bases for simple installation and placement on most metal surfaces. The Mike family includes the ever popular Mike 1 compact antenna and the higher gain but slightly longer Mike 2, covering a wide variety of GSM/3G applications. For GPS requirements the Mike 3, with 28dB gain, is now the preferred antenna for many customers. All Mike antennas feature strong and stable magnetic bases ensuring no additional fixing is needed. Suitable for a broad range of applications including smart meters, industrial controls and vehicle tracking, the Mike series is a robust, high quality family of antennas for today's wireless systems.

Fast Track Your Wireless Application


Integrate wireless technology quickly and easily with an advanced range of embedded modems

Bringing wireless technology to your business can offer a real leap forward in delivering functionality and efficiency savings, particularly when working with remote devices and equipment. Making this change quickly, without the need for modem design expertise can be equally important. Wireless specialist Siretta is taking the hard work out of this process with the ZOOM series of advanced wireless modems, fully developed, tested and ready to integrate into your equipment, with a low overall cost. Designed to be a fully embedded component within your system, the ZOOM simply plugs on to your existing circuit board, offering a space saving and highly convenient solution. Just design your application around the ZOOM, plug in the antenna and you’re away. With support for GPRS, 3G/UMTS and GPS, the ZOOM makes quick work of getting connected.

Slimline Antennas Worth Sticking With


Slimline Discreet Antennas with Mounting Convenience

If you’re looking for a discreet antenna with mounting convenience then the Alpha range from Siretta is hard to beat. With a slim profile and simple self-adhesive fixing, this product will fit into so many tight spaces that you may find yourself forgetting where you installed it. A wide range of styles and shapes give an excellent choice for most applications, and there’s nothing flaky about the mounting security, the strong self-adhesive layer means this product is going nowhere fast. The Alpha family includes products for all key technologies including GPRS, 3G, ISM, WiFi and GPS, with combination products providing two antennas in the same package. Demanding applications will also benefit from the resilient construction, and waterproof options to IP68. Easily fitted to almost any flat surface, the Alpha range brings a versatile and space saving solution for your next antenna requirement.

Advanced Wireless Terminals Make the Connection


Powerful terminals for M2M applications

Today’s world wants fast and efficient communication, with instant access to data….is your equipment getting connected? Wireless machine to machine (M2M) connection is powerful and enabling, allowing remote equipment and devices to communicate as if they were physically connected together. The potential gains in efficiency are vast, and applications in many ways limited only by the imagination. Siretta is meeting this increasing need head on, with an advanced range of wireless terminals and modems for the GPRS and 3G/UMTS networks. Utilising standard interface standards such as serial RS232, USB and Ethernet, our products, simply put, allow your equipment to access the global communications network, and transmit and receive data and information.

8051 based RF module for wireless sensing and control


The SQI50 is a system on chip module with combined RF and MCU

Sequoia’s SQI50 includes a CIP-51 MCU based system on chip RF module providing an optimised platform for designers creating wireless sensor, data acquisition and remote control products. The high speed 8051 core operates at up to 25MIPS throughput with a 25MHz clock connected with 4K RAM and 64K Flash memory.

The RF side has a 100mW (20dBm) transceiver with programmable output power and FSK/GFSK/OOK modulation to provide a data rate up to 256kbps. Devices are available for 433 or 868MHz. The receiver side includes a high sensitivity front-end figure of -120dBm.

Designed for battery operation, the module includes a DC/DC converter which enables the device to continue to operate down to 0.9V. Low power sleep modes enable the device to operate at less than 1µA whilst the RF and Real time clock are still running. With RF disabled this drops to 600nA to maximise battery life.

The SQI50 module includes a comprehensive range of IO including SPI, I2C, UART and nineteen 5V tolerant GPIO pins. Additional features include a 10-bit ADC running at up to 300ksps, brownout detector, four general purpose 16-bit counters/timers, and an onboard temperature sensor.

The compact module measures just 11x25x2mm in a surface mount package and requires an external antenna which Sequoia can also supply. An evaluation kit is available which includes a LCD display, antenna, switches, headers to access the IO and battery pack.

Typical applications range from wireless sensors to wireless data acquisition/data loggers, home automation & security and

The Toughest Antenna in Town


Tough through hole antennas for demanding applications

Demanding situations need products that won’t let you down, products that will take whatever life throws at them. Enter the Tango family of compact antennas from wireless specialist Siretta, with secure through hole mounting and seriously tough exteriors. Easily mounted to panels and casings, the Tango range is ideal where an unobtrusive solution is required, and options for environmental protection and vandal resistance ensure it will take care of itself. The Tango family supports all main frequency bands, and includes space saving two and three way combination products, with GSM/GPS and GSM/GPS/WiFi in a single package. From goods vehicle asset tracking to industrial utilities monitoring, the Tango range fits the bill for a broad and diverse range of applications.

Heat Flux Sensors Help Reduce Energy


Use of heat flux sensors in monitoring heat energy loss

A heat flux sensor measures the heat transfer (loss or gain) through a surface. The sensor produces an output that is proportional to the heat flux (Watts/cm2) experienced by the sensor (the heat energy flowing through it). This heat flux can be convective, radiative or conductive and all three can be measured using varying forms of heat flux sensor. Heat flux sensors are known under different names, such as transducers, gauges, plates. In addition there are several styles of heat flux sensor that are single-purpose sensors such as pyrometers (for solar radiation measurement) and Schmidt Boelter gauges (for measurement of heat flux from fire). Heat flux is commonly measured in KWatts per square metre or watts per square centimetre.

Common uses for heat flux sensors:

Heat flux sensors can be used for a variety of applications, typically studies of building insulation and thermal resistance, studies of the effect of fire and flames or heat applied in food preparation conveyor ovens. More extreme applications include monitoring of boiler lining surfaces, flame front profiles in internal combustion engines and rocket motors.

The total heat flux is composed of a conductive, convective and radiative part. Depending on the application, one or more may be required to be measured. An example of measurement of conductive heat flux is a heat flux plate incorporated into a wall.

An example of measurement of radiative heat flux is a pyrometer for measurement of solar radiation. An example of a sensor sensitive to radiative as well as convective heat flux is

Advanced GSM Terminals


Siretta GPRS & UMTS terminals are amongst the most advanced wireless terminals currently available

Extended Power Supply Range


Siretta GSM Terminals Get Wide Range 5-60V Power Input

Following on from the successful and widely used SQ864-GPRS and SQ864-3G terminals, Sequoia is pleased to announce the new low cost extended power supply 5-60V versions SQ864E-GPRS and SQ864E-3G wireless terminals for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

The new terminals are powered by a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) which greatly reduces high power/heat dissipation compared to the normal linear regulation. This makes our E range extremely efficient while maintaining very high performance standards.

Our terminals are built to be robust and able to function without disruption in environments subjected to vibration, humidity etc.

Apart from that, the module supports 30V maximum voltage input on all of its GPIOs as standard and 2.8V over ttl when set high. The module also comes with an on board reverse polarity, over voltage spike and ESD protection as well as supporting up to 60V input.

These and many more features make the SQ864E-GPRS and SQ864E-3G an ideal candidate for automotive applications (particularly heavy duty vehicles), PoE (Power over Ethernet), industrial telemetry solutions and data logging just to name a few.

For further information and to order please visit:
Please click here to order your SQ864E-GPRS terminals

Please click here to order your SQ864E-3G terminals

Watch out for further new terminal introductions!

Test Instrument Approved for HDMI-HDCP


Quantum Data 882E, HDCP 1.2 compliance test application for the HDMI™ interface has been approved by Digital Content Protectio

Quantum Data™, a worldwide provider of video test equipment, has announced that their 882E-based HDCP 1.2 compliance test application for the HDMI™ interface has been approved by Digital Content Protection (DCP), LLC as an authorized test tool. Quantum Data's test tool satisfies an important need in the HDMI industry. The DCP, LLC-approved version of the HDCP test application is the only commercial available approved HDCP compliance test tool for HDMI.

Operation of the DCP, LLC-approved version is simple. The HDCP compliance test is initiated through the 882E front panel or PC application. Once initiated, the tests run to completion with limited user interaction required. A typical test suite can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. When a test series has been completed, the 882E instrument issues a detailed report that provides pass/fail results for each individual test. Reports can be viewed through a web browser, transferred over a network or printed.

In addition to the HDCP compliance test, the 882E offers a debug environment that helps identify and resolve HDCP problems during development, prior to submission for compliance. Developers can monitor HDCP transactions where HDCP compliance test failures occur to help identify the root cause of a failure.

The DCP, LLC-approved software release version number will be listed on the DCP, LLC web site: www.digital-cp.com, and the firmware is available for download from the Quantum Data web site: http://www.quantumdata.com/downloads/. Orders for the DCP-approved HDMI-HDCP compliance tool are being taken now.

Sequoia Technology Group Ltd Shortlisted...


Sequoia Technology Group Ltd shortlisted for the UK’s most innovative Mobile company award – The Smart UK Project

‘UK Innovation - The search is on for the UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company. The winner will be crowned at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona during February and March 2011.’ See www.smartukproject.co.uk

Out of more than 75 applicants for this award, all with their respective innovations, Sequoia has been included in the shortlist of 20 companies to be reviewed at the Pre Mobile World Congress media event at BIS HQ on the 23rd Jan.

What is the Sequoia Technology mobile innovation?
Sequoia Technology’s innovation is a GSM gateway design along with a GPRS enabled mini printer to enable detailed and sensitive data, such as individual medical test results to be transmitted to appropriate clinics quickly, completely, with zero loss of data and to any precise location in the world. The innovation incorporates the ability to handshake every printer to server to ensure all data has been passed correctly and completely. The no. of printers that can be handled is infinite ensuring scalability in any application. The innovation also includes the sending database to be able to see the status of all printers, how many messages have been sent and when, how many are pending, which are on-line, how long they have been on line and a geographic map of all printer locations and their instant status. The innovation handles poor power infrastructure well, as happens in remote locations. No data is lost in power out situations.

Where has the innovation been applied?
The Sequoia innovation has been applied very successfully across all maternity

Heat Flux Sensors


The New Sequoia Technology Heat Flux Sensor Manual Explains All

The Sequoia Technology Heat Flux Sensor Manual, available for download is a comprehensive document detailing all you need to know about Heat Flux Sensors, how they are used, where they deployed and the benefits they can give in saving energy.

For the first time you can find all the information that is relevant to Heat Flux Sensors. This manual will explain how these sensors work and the many types that are available, including flat plate, thermogage, thin film type and Schmidt Boelter sensors. There is information on how to mount these sensors and the types of Amplifiers available to read the information and how to apply the output to everyday use.

The application notes section includes all manner of useful information, covering importance of emissivity, noise reduction and theoretical noise limits for heat flux measurement and absorbed vs. incident heat flux calibration.

In short a Heat Flux Sensor measures the heat transfer (loss or gain) through a surface. This information is conveyed in a simple form, so that the user can determine the amount of heat loss (or gain) through the surface of the material being tested.

Uses are many and varied, including how effective wall insulations are for buildings, the effect fires and flames have, heat applied in food preparation ovens, amount of heat escaping from furnaces and heat energy escaping from engines.

As it can be seen the temperatures involved in many of these applications can reach hundreds of degrees. For this reason, heat flux sensors have been developed to either withstand temperatures

Silicon Image\'s Port Processors


Now offer MHL™ connectivity for Samsung

Silicon Image, a leading provider of wireless and wired HD connectivity solutions, today announced that its dual-mode MHL™ and HDMI® port processor is integrated into Samsung’s line of Smart TV models, including the D7000 and D8000 series. With this integration, Samsung consumers will be able to view and share HD content from MHL-enabled mobile devices directly to their MHL-enabled Smart TVs. The Samsung Smart TVs add to the growing MHL ecosystem of DTVs, mobile devices and adapters, including the globally available Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones and the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note—all with MHL connectivity.

MHL technology is a rapidly growing HD audio/video connectivity standard that enables a mobile device to transmit 1080p uncompressed video with up to eight channels of digital audio, while also supporting HDCP content protection, over five pins. In addition, MHL-enabled HDTVs and displays provide power to the mobile device when connected, ensuring that the phone battery is charged and ready to use even after viewing a full-length feature movie. Consumers are also able to control MHL-enabled mobile devices using their existing HDTV remote.

“Samsung’s Smart TVs that are now enabled with MHL technology are a perfect match for the rapidly growing base of MHL-enabled phones and tablets,” said Alex Chervet, senior director of marketing at Silicon Image, Inc. “Now mobile applications, including games, e-mail, news, chat, photos, streaming video and movies can be enjoyed in full HD on Samsung’s beautiful LED or plasma Smart TV screens.”

Silicon Image’s port processors provide the latest connectivity and performance features

Quantum Data 980 Protocol Analyzer Approved for Use in HDMI® ATC


Initial approval covers 4K x 2K video format compliance testing for HDMI sources

Quantum Data™, a worldwide provider of video test equipment, has announced that their source compliance test tool has been approved by the HDMI technical committee for use in the HDMI Authorized Test Centers (ATCs). The approved source compliance test tool is part of the 980 Protocol Analyzer 297MHz “Gen 3” model. This initial approval for the HDMI CTS version 1.4b covers the 4Kx2K Video Format Timing Test ID 7-39 for HDMI source devices. The HDMI CTS version 1.4a had not identified recommended test equipment for the 7-39 Test ID.

Quantum Data has consistently provided compliance test solutions for the HDMI ecosystem. These solutions include CEC compliance, HDCP compliance, and EDID compliance available on the 882 platform and more recently HDMI source and sink compliance tests offered in the 980 Protocol Analyzer.

“We welcome the availability of test equipment that meets the markets’ need for the development of 4K x 2K applications for HDMI technology,” said Steve Venuti President of HDMI, LLC.

The 980 Protocol Analyzer compliance test tools support a broad range of HDMI source and sink compliance tests. Quantum Data continues to pursue HDMI approval for the entire supported source and sink compliance test suites. The 980 Protocol Analyzer is suitable for pre-testing HDMI source and sink products prior to submission to an ATC and also for self-testing where manufacturers have tested initial source products at e ATC.

The 980 Protocol Analyzer provides developers with complete visibility into the

Sequoia Technology is a finalist in the EPD Medical Advances Sector.


Go to our Journal page to read more

Reading based Sequoia Technology Group, contacted by Mozambique based Clinton foundation, developed, trialled and installed fast HIV diagnosis communication technology for antenatal clinics throughout Mozambique.

A chance phone call from the Clinton Foundation in Mozambique to Sequoia Technology in Reading has changed ours and their lives dramatically…


Siretta release high gain 2.4GHz antenna for outdoor use


Siretta Antennas, the Berkshire, UK based M2M antenna specialist today announced the release of its Oscar 15 antenna, a rugged 2.4GHz antenna designed for increasing working range between access points and remote sites.

The Oscar 15 antenna uses a high gain directional patch design enabling it to operate on the licence exempt 2.4-2.5GHz ISM band. This ensures its suitability to operate with Bluetooth and WiFi (802.11) networks, ZigBee mesh networked systems (802.15.4) as well as other proprietary networks.

Increasing the working range of up to 850 metres when compared to a 0dB antenna tuned on comparable frequencies, Oscar 15 ensures high data rates can be achieved over longer line of sight distances whilst using standard wireless equipment.

Measuring just 93x93x25 mm and weighing 136 grams, Oscar 15 is designed for point to point systems and radiates a 65º horizontal and vertical beamwidth providing a “torch beam” radiated pattern. Ideal for outdoor environments, Oscar 15 is ruggedly built using a die cast aluminium base with an ABS grey plastic cover over the radiating element.

Able to withstand wind speeds of up to 150Km/h, whilst operating at temperatures of -40 to 85 degrees, the Oscar 15 antenna is supplied with a mounting bracket allowing secure fixing to a variety of bases.

David Taylor, Business Manager of Siretta Antennas comments “Oscar 15 answers the growing trend of an affordable, high powered, 2.4GHz outdoor antenna to be used with standard 2.4GHz router and access point systems. Ensuring respectable data rates are achieved over longer distances. Oscar 15 makes it

Sequoia announce an 802.15.4 footprint compatible WiFi module


Sequoia Technology - the Berkshire based technology solutions company, enabling customers to bring highly technical products to market, today announced the U.K launch of the RN-XV, ultra low power WiFi module, with a common form factor with many leading 802.15.4 modules.

The RN-XV has a TTL UART pin-out that is compatible with XBee and other common 802.15.4 footprints ensuring suitability with customers looking to migrate existing systems to standard WiFi based IP protocols without modifying hardware.

The module provides ultra low power and full speed 802.11 b/g rates. The RN-XV is perfect for both legacy and existing designs such as sensor networks, utility meters, remote control and M2M applications.

Like Roving Networks other wireless products, the RN-XV offers industry leading ultra low power consumption characteristics (4uA sleep, 40mA RX and 180mA TX at 10dBm). It is built upon Roving's field proven RN-171 module which includes complete onboard TCP/IP stack, requiring no external MCU or drivers. RN-XV offers built in network services including IPv4 addressing with full WEP/WPA/WPA2 security, HTTP, FTP, UDP, TCP, DNS, ICMP, ARP, DHCP protocols and WiFi protected setup (WPS).

David Taylor, Wireless Product Manager of Sequoia comments; "Roving Network products continue to provide a simplistic approach in offering systems integrators a reliable WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity solution to add to applications. The RN-XV is no exception, only requiring minimal RF expertise and an straightforward configuration to best serve individual product requirements".

Sequoia Technology Group Ltd, headquartered in Berkshire, UK is an independently owned technology solutions specialist in the field of Telemetry and

New Wireless Temperature and Humidity Solution from Sequoia


The Sequoia Wireless Sensor (SWS) range is a very user friendly solution for monitoring and recording temperature readings from -10⁰C to +50⁰C and humidity readings from 0~100%RH. Using a central Ethernet base station SWS-R1, which communicates wirelessly to battery operated compact sensor units SWS-TH1. The data is sent back to an easy to use software program which graphical displays current and previous readings.

SWS-TH1 Wireless SensorKey Points

  • Eliminate wire network set up costs and labour time.
  • Reduces maintenance complexity and cost.
  • Flexible in extension.
  • Support varied network topology.
  • Battery Sensor Box (AA*2) life lasts for one year.
  • SWS-TH1 Dimensions: 42*36*68mm.
  • SWS-R1 Dimensions: 28*61.5*99m.

The SWS series use a wireless system without the user needing to have any technical knowledge on wireless networks. Setup and running in 5 simple steps.

1. Just Place the SWS-TH1 sensors in the areas you wish to monitor.

2. Place the gateway unit (SWS-R1) near your PC or suitable LAN connection and connect the Ethernet cable.

3. Switch all sensor units on, along with the gateway unit.

4. Press the communicate button on each sensor unit.

5. All sensor units will then communicate with the gateway unit, passing the temperature and humidity information to the gateway unit to enable the user to see the consolidated information on a PC.

The maximum range of this system is approximately 120 metres from each sensor unit to the gateway. This enables a sizeable

Siretta Antennas announce 4G compatibility of Cellular Antenna range


Siretta Antennas – the Berkshire, U.K based M2M antenna specialist today announced that their range of Cellular antennas will be compatible with the European requirements of 4G.

4G is the fourth generation of cellular communications standard which is expected to succeed the current 3G and 2G standards. Its aim will be to provide a wider range of data rates of up to gigabit speed using a denser spread but lower powered set of cellsites, ensuring suitability for mobile and stationary users.

The European Commission decision has decreed that 4G communication devices are able to operate on the 900 / 1800MHz frequency bands and this must be implemented by EU Member States by the end of 2011. This will help to achieve the targets of the “Digital Agenda for Europe” which gives every European access to basic broadband by 2013 and fast and ultra fast broadband by 2020. Documents supporting this drive are IP/10/581, MEMO/10/199 and MEMO/10/200

David Taylor, Business Manager of Siretta Antennas explains “whilst neither the standards bodies nor carriers have set the exact frequencies and timeframes of 4G, the EU decision of using existing infrastructure is an important stake in the ground in solidifying what is required to comply with European 4G requirements. This sets the scene for future expansion on these frequencies followed by other frequencies later on and Siretta will ensure that their products are able to comply with these and future cellular requirements”.

4G is expected to provide IP based voice, data and streaming multimedia such as interactive

One Fibre Detachable DVI Extender and Passive Splitter reduce costs



One Fibre Detachable DVI Extender And Passive Splitter Reduce Costs

Two new products introduced by Sequoia Technology Group that distribute DVI signals from one source to many displays break cost and technology barriers.

Many Digital Signage, Video wall, medical and military applications require a single digital video source to be transmitted to several digital displays using fibre optic extenders and distributors.

A fibre optic DVI extender allows digital video to travel hundreds of meters, without losing any information from interference, allowing the image or video to be shown on the display exactly how the sender expected it. This is not possible using CAT5 type cables, as these are prone to electromagnetic interference losing vital data during the video transfer.

The One Fibre Detachable DVI Extender DVFX-110 is the latest in the line of Fibre Optic products from Sequoia Technology Group capable of driving uncompressed WUXGS (1920x1200) 60 Hz DVI signals up to 1000 meters. Furthermore the self EDID feature allows the EDID data to be read from the display to transmit the video signal with the correct characteristics.

One important characteristic of DVFX-110 is that a single signal from a source (PC, DVD, etc.) can be transmitted to up to 16 displays, or sinks, using the OPS-XYZ passive splitter. The OPS-XYZ does not require external  power source, and along with the use of single fibre technology  reduces cost in material and installation.

The OPX-XYZ is available in a number of configurations, starting from one input to 16

Low Cost Precision 24 Bit A/D converters


Low Cost Low Power 24-Bit Analog To Digital Converters

Sequoia Technology Group has launched a family of cost effective Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital converters reduces cost and power without compromising performance. Our new line of A/D converters designed for weigh scale, strain gauges, portable instrumentation and data acquisition provide exceptional performance, with optimised power consumption and allow design engineers the tools to reduce design time dramatically. Many features of these devices, including on chip LDO, low noise gain amplifier and on board crystal reduce external component requirements making it a must for any engineer requiring high performance at low power and low cost.

Both the parts in the family operate at -400C to +850C and are available in SOP and PDIP packages.


The Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) provides selectable gains from 1 to 128. The A/D conversion is performed with a Sigma-Delta modulator and programmable FIR filter that provides a simultaneous 50Hz and 60Hz notch filter to effectively improve interference immunity. Also available is a standard two wire interface, compatible with I2C protocol for simple and straightforward connection to a wide range of host microcontrollers.

Available in SOP-8 and PDIP-8 packages.

For more information please click here: NAU7801


With its two channel configuration and up to 23 bit ENOB (Effective Number Of Bits), the NAU7802, like the NAU7801 has outstanding power saving features that enable the powering only the elements of the chip that are needed. The standby current for this part is less than 1 µA and the operating power with both Oscillator and LDO

Sequoia announce, new ultra low profile RF transceiver IC from Axsem


Sequoia Technology - the Berkshire based technology solutions company, with over 25 years expertise in enabling customers bring highly technical products to market, have announced the release of the AX5043, ultra low power RF transceiver IC.

The AX5043 is a single chip narrow-band RF transceiver, configurable to operate from 70MHz - 1.05GHz. With a receiver bandwidth of 1 - 100kHz, the AX5043 offers very long range with a small number of components.

The sensitivity of -126dBm at 868MHz and 1.2kbps FSK is one of the highest sensitivities in the market with only 10.5mA current draw. Together with the excellent power amplifier performance of 17dBm at 55mA current consumption, the AX5043 has the sensational link budget of 143dB. In "Wake on Radio mode", the current consumption is typically below 5uA.

The AX5043 transceiver consists of an integrated RF front end with modulator and demodulator and flexible communication controller. Baseband data processing is implemented in the integrated communication controller for user friendly communication and configuration via an SPI interface. The 256 byte packet buffer in conjunction with the 500nA wake up timer allows the AX5043 to work well together with low cost MCUs. The integrated HDLC protocol guarantees exceptionally compact code and small CPU overhead whilst the digital RSSI provides quick results for low power operation.

David Taylor, Wireless Product Manager comments "The Axsem AX5043 is well suited for applications such as sensor networks, access control systems and automatic meter reading using the Konnex, ARIB or other standards."

Axsem is a fabless semi conductor company specialising in

Sequoia Announce, Ultra Low Power Embedded Wi-Fi Module


Sequoia Technology - the Berkshire based technology solutions company, enabling customers to bring highly technical products to market, have announced the launch of the RN171 - a small form factor, ultra low power WiFi module from Roving Networks.

The RN171 is a standalone, complete TCP/IP wireless networking device client. It is perfect for mobile wireless applications such as asset monitoring, remote sensors, medical devices and portable battery powered products.

Measuring just 26x18x3mm and with an extremely low power consumption of 38mA in receive mode and 4uA in sleep mode, it boasts a comprehensive feature set, including a 32 bit SPARC processor, TCP/IP stack, 10 GPIO lines, 8 analog sensor interfaces and RTC.

In addition to the enhanced power management features over the earlier RN131, the module is also preloaded with firmware to simplify integration and minimise the WiFi development of an application.

David Taylor, Product Manager of Sequoia comments; "Roving Network products are renowned for their simplistic approach in offering systems integrators a reliable WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity solution to add to applications. The RN171 is no exception, only requiring minimal RF expertise and an easy configuration to best serve individual product requirements"

Sequoia Technology Group Ltd, headquartered in Berkshire, UK is an independently owned technology solutions specialist in the field of Telemetry and Wireless M2M modules, terminals and antennas. With first class technical and logistics support, Sequoia offers leading edge technology for a diverse customer base. The company also includes divisions in Silicon, HD

The Latest Products News - Telit GE865-QUAD and GL-865-Dual Wireless Modules


Sequoia are pleased to announce the latest product family from Telit GE/L-865, the smallest GSM/GPRS modules in the market. The Telit GE865 family features the ultra compact wireless modules that are available in both BGA and LCC packaging, perfect for high volume M2M applications, for example AVL and AMR.


The GE865-QUAD is the smallest QUAD BAND, GPRS, BGA (ball grid array) level device available in the M2M market today.
As all Telit products the GE865 is extremely feature rich for example, integrated TCP/IP, extended temperature, QUAD Band, tiny form factor and now with serial multiplexer this device really is taking wireless M2M modules to another level.

The GE865-QUAD allow the user to run their own application on the module using the python script interpreter that has become stand across all our module offerings.


The GL865-DUAL is the latest in the Telit module family.

The main difference between the GE and the GL are the package types, Telit have created the worlds smallest GSM/GPRS surface mount device in a LCC package (leadless chip carrier), these use metalized pads on the side of the package.The GL865 is a dual band device supporting 900/1800Mhz frequencies, the GL865-DUAL is perfect for low cost applications as the LCC package gives you the option of manual soldering and removal, which would become a nice option for the smaller volume m2m applications.

The GL865 has many of the same features as the GE865, for example TCP/IP, low power consumption, GPRS class 10 to name a few, full details can be found on

Siretta release GSM/GPRS/3G PIFA antenna for embedded M2M applications


Siretta release GSM/GPRS/3G PIFA antenna for embedded M2M applicationsSiretta Antennas – the Berkshire, U.K based M2M antenna specialist today announced the release of its Echo 12 GSM/GPRS/3G antenna for embedded applications.

Developed for designers of Machine to Machine industrial equipment, the Echo 12 combines a small size of just 24mm x 5.5mm x 4.4mm and efficient, omni – directional performance, allowing for better TX/RX sensitivity and power consumption than competing designs.

The multi-band cellular antenna covers all worldwide cellular bands including 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and 2100MHz for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, WCDMA, HSDPA. It is unique in the market for its size and stable connectivity than many other designs.

The Echo 12 is made of high grade ceramic, ensuring durability even in extreme environments including industrial and automotive electronic sectors. It can be integrated off the shelf, without the need for customization and additional NRE charges. Delivered in tape and reel format, it is ideal for mass production and can be surface mounted, saving on assembly costs.

“The Echo 12 is the result of years of understanding the mobile communications market and the development of very stable substrate materials offering high grade performance” said David Taylor, Business Manager, Siretta Antennas. He adds, “Few other SMT antennas can match the Echo 12 for the combination of size, durability, stability and frequency range.”

View the GSM/GPRS/3G PIFA antenna for embedded M2M applications here...

For further information, please contact Siretta on +44 118 976 9014 or

Siretta Release Family of High Gain Antennas for Enhanced M2M Connectivity


Siretta Antennas – the Berkshire, U.K based M2M antenna specialist today announced the release of its Oscar 12 high gain antenna for GSM / GPRS connectivity.

Designed for office or base station installations – the Oscar 12 is the first in a line of Oscar class antennas offering double digit gain RF performance.

Offering a 10dBi, omni-directional performance across 900 & 1800MHz GSM and GPRS networks, Oscar 12 is a bracket mounted antenna featuring a radiating section of multiple dipoles arranged as a colinear and housed in a reinforced, UV protected 810 x 22mm enclosure.

The base comprises of a TNC female connector which can be connected with a mating cable assembly offering a flexible approach to individual installation requirements. Its ridged mounting bracket offers secure fixing to buildings, allowing a 200mm stand off between wall and antenna.

Vertically polarised and with a maximum power rating of 25 Watts, the Oscar 12 is ideal for improving transmission and reception in fringe coverage areas where omni directional performance is still required.

David Taylor, Business Manager of Siretta adds "Oscar 12 is the first release in our high gain Oscar series targeted for industrial GSM/GPRS, 3G and 2.4GHz applications. Built for customers who need to ensure good Quality of Service levels – we have already received exceptional feedback from beta customers and expect this trend to continue as greater performance is expected from telemetry equipment".

For further information, please contact Siretta on +44 118 976 9014

Sequoia Technology Spearheads Novel Communications System for Mozambique Early Infant Diagnosis program


Sequoia Technology spearheads novel communications system to greatly improve the quality of Mozambique’s Early Infant Diagnosis program – the Expedited Results System (ERS)

From 2007 to 2009, Mozambique saw a rapid expansion of the National Early Infant Diagnosis programme for diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in newborn children to include over 235 health centers across the country. However, transportation of samples and results between remote districts and two central laboratories often takes many weeks. To accelerate the return of results, Sequoia Technology devised an innovative system, in conjunction with The Clinton Foundation, to allow laboratories to send and print test results directly in any health centre with GPRS network coverage. Called the Expedited Results System (ERS) it utilizes Sequoia designed system software, GPRS enabled printers and the local GSM network to vastly reduce the time and cost of transporting results from the laboratory to clinics accurately and reliably. ERS is managed centrally by an administrative assistant, reducing the workload of skilled laboratory technicians. Features of the Sequoia designed system are confidentiality and the delivery of results being guaranteed through automated monitoring and evaluation software over the African GSM network along with unique GPRS enable printers.

All health centres in Mozambique have now been fitted with Sequoia GPRS printers and the software and servers are based in Reading in the UK. The complete system has now been proved for a number of months now with 100% of all data messages being received correctly right across Mozambique. This system has now helped more

New Range of GPRS and 3G Wireless Terminals, SQ864 GPRS and SQ864-3G


Sequoia Technology is pleased to announce the launch of a range of GPRS and 3G wireless terminals, SQ864 GPRS and SQ864-3G. Taking advantage of the latest in GPRS and 3G technology, Sequoia have produced a low cost, high performance terminal that is perfect for many M2M applications.

The SQ864 GPRS and 3G is an industrial terminal solution perfect for the wireless M2M market. Both the GPRS and 3G devices offer a high level of functionality in a compact plug and play housing with a host of interfaces that allow you to easily integrate into your system. Together with its small size and advanced set of features it integrates perfectly into a wide range of M2M applications such as remote monitoring and control, meter reading, telemetry, logistics, diagnostics, remote access, vending and security.

SQ864-GPRS & 3G allows you to communicate to your equipment with CSD and GPRS data services provided by the network providers. The SQ864 GPRS and 3G use Quad-Band GPRS class 10 technology that operates around the globe and with extended temperature range can be used in harsh environments. The SQ864-3G uses a high performance 3G module that runs on the 2100 UMTS band that operates across Europe and several networks across the globe providing connection speed up to 7Mbps.

The integrated TCP/IP stack greatly simplifies network services such as connecting to the internet, sending emails, connecting to a FTP server and opening data socket connections through simple and easy to use AT Commands. With the broad supply voltage range (5-15v DC)

Sequoia would like to announce the SE867-AGPS module


SE867-AGPS is an assisted GPS module designed for the M2M market

SE867-AGPS is an assisted GPS module designed for the M2M market, offering extremely fast TTFF, low cost and short integration time.

Why Assisted GPS:

Assisted GPS, also known as A-GPS or AGPS, enhances the performance of standard GPS in devices connected to the cellular network. A-GPS improves the location performance of mobile devices in two ways:

-By helping obtain a faster "time to first fix" (TTFF). A-GPS acquires and stores information about the location of satellites via the cellular network so the information does not need to be downloaded via satellite.

-By helping position a mobile device when GPS signals are weak or not available. GPS satellite signals may be impeded by tall buildings, and do not penetrate building interiors well. A-GPS uses proximity to cellular towers to calculate position when GPS signals are not available.

The SE867-GPS includes an internal processor and an 8Mb flash memory with 44 channel operation and less than 35 sec time to first fix (TTFF) making the SE867-GPS module one of the leading receivers in the market place.

Designing in the SE867-GPS is very straight forward, a BGA device that has been designed so that the module can be easily placed even in a simple 2 layer PCB and the integration with our extensive range GPRS devices is very straight forward and simple.

The SE867-GPS is the perfect product for a varied range of M2M applications such as vehicle tracking, asset tracking, data collection or really any project where having access to positional data and status information of a physical

3D video support added to the Quantum Data 780


Sequoia Technology today announced support for HDMI 1.4a 3D testing on the 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI. The 780 is a battery powered, portable multimedia A/V signal generator and analyzer that can quickly check the HDMI digital ports on HDMI devices such as HDTVs, projectors, repeaters, A/V receivers, players, set-top-boxes, etc.

The 780 instrument's 3D capabilities include features for testing both source devices and sink devices equipped with 3D. In the initial release, two 3D format structures are supported-Side-by-Side half and Top-and-Bottom-additional 3D formats will be available in the near future. Users can select any of the HDMI 1.3 3D resolutions (timings) through the 780's touch screen display.

For testing HDMI sink devices, the 780 can render a variety of standard 2D patterns and can now render 3D bitmap patterns as well. Users can create their own 3D bitmaps from existing stereoscopic image pairs using Quantum Data's free 3D Bitmap Conversion Tool. When 3D video is transmitted from the 780, it also transmits the necessary 3D infoframe metadata in the HDMI Vendor Specific Infoframe. In this way, an HDTV's response to 3D metadata can be verified.

For testing HDMI 3D-capable source devices, the 780 parses the incoming 3D video and displays the left and right eye images on the 780's built-in display. With the 780's Network Analyzer option, the 3D infoframe metadata and timing data, transmitted from the source device, can be examined as well.

Additional 3D-related enhancements are planned. More 3D format structures will be supported as well as the parsing

Telegesis ZigBee module with integrated ARM Cortex M-3 is a first


The ETRX3 series is the 3rd generation of advanced ZigBee modules from Telegesis and the first module family on the market to feature the EM357 - the latest ARM Cortex M-3 SOC from Ember.

ETRX3 Module
This low power, high performance module with efficient memory utilisation makes it possible for users to add wireless ZigBee to their existing products without the need for specialist RF design skills.
A link budget of 105dB on the standard ETRX3 module gives excellent working range performance and combined with 192K Flash, 12K RAM and many advanced peripherals allows the straightforward integration of user applications on board the module.
If you are looking for ZigBee modules with better RF performance, then the ETRX3-LR with an extra LNA boosts the power to 123dB.
ETRX3 series modules are AT command driven and have a footprint of just 19x25mm for both standard and LNA driven variations. They are available with on board antenna or Hirose U.FL connector for use with an external antenna.

Development Kit
The ETRX3-DVK development kit is an ideal starting point for development and evaluation of the ETRX357 2.4GHz ZigBee modules.
Offering the highest wireless networking performance and application code space at low power consumption and with the modules unique AT-style command line interface, the ETRX3-DVK allows designers to quickly integrate ZigBee technology without complex software engineering effort.
The kit contains 3 USB development boards and 2 of each ETRX357 variants on carrier boards along with all other ancillary components required to get the kit up and running once connected to a PC.

DDC Monitoring option for 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI now available


Sequoia Technology, today announced the release of an Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) feature on the 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI. The 780 is a battery powered, portable multimedia A/V signal generator and analyzer that can quickly check the HDMI digital ports on HDMI 1.3 devices such as HDTVs, projectors, repeaters, A/V receivers, players, set-top-boxes, etc.

The 780 instrument's optional Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) feature is available in two configurations: 1) for monitoring DDC channel(s) and hot plug detect while emulating an HDMI source or sink device (available now); 2) for passive monitoring ("sniffing") DDC channel(s), hot plug detect lines, and CEC buses (available soon). The ability to passively monitor two separate sets of auxiliary data is especially useful for analyzing interoperability problems in an HDMI system comprised of three devices (source, repeater and sink).

The ACA feature enables installers, lab technicians and engineers to monitor DDC transactions such as HDCP and EDID as well as hot plug related events while emulating device(s) in the HDMI system. Since the 780 can emulate a known-good source and/or a known-good sink, operators can sequentially substitute for each device in the system to isolate an interoperability problem. The 780 can even monitor on both sides of a repeater device while emulating both the source and sink devices for trouble isolation.

With the 780 ACA passive monitoring capabilities, users can connect to an HDMI system to passively monitor each side of a repeater device such as an A/V receiver. The 780's ACA feature offers the additional flexibility

Extend DVI & HDMI cables with Fiber Optics


Sequoia Technology the leading technology company is proud to announce an agreement with Opticis to supply and support a range of Fiber Optics Extenders, KVM Switchers, Distributors and Matrix Networks covering DVI, HDMI, 3GSDI, USB, firewire and Displayport technologies. See here for more details.

Sequoia sign distribution agreement with Telegesis


Reading, United Kingdom 11th February 2010

Technology Solutions Specialist, Sequoia today announced that they have signed a distribution agreement with ZigBee module manufacturer Telegesis.

ZigBee modules operate on the globally accepted 2.4GHz ISM band frequency and provide a short range networking capability of up to 600 nodes.

David Taylor, Product Manager comments "Sequoia are delighted with the addition of Telegesis into our Wireless Products line up. This bolsters our ZigBee devices for customers looking to sell wireless networking products globally. We anticipate considerable growth in this sector with many applications being driven by requirements for Smart Energy and Home Health Care and Telegesis have a proven reputation for extremely robust ZigBee modules."

Telegesis manufacture a full range of OEM ZigBee modules. The modules comprise a World leading ZigBee Chip from Ember Corp, antenna and a highly functional, AT command layer. Telegesis modules allow designers to easily add ZigBee functionality. Telegesis and Sequoia provide everything needed for a successful ZigBee design

Sequoia launches FOX-LT for Low Cost Tracking


FOX-LT is the latest tracking solution available from Sequoia Technology. With its powerful configuration features, as well as battery, CAN Bus, expanadable memory and Audio features, the FOX-LT is ideal for all your asset tracking requirements.

Telit : GE865 - Smallest GSM/GPRS module on the market


Telit Wireless Solutions have released the smallest GSM/GPRS module on the market.

The low profile and small size of the unique BGA package for the GE865-QUAD enable the design of extremely compact applications. Since connectors are eliminated, the solution cost is significantly reduced compared to conventional mounting.

With its ultra-compact design and extended temperature range, the Telit GE865 product line is the perfect platform for high-volume m2m applications and mobile data devices. Additional features such as integrated TCP/IP protocol stack and serial multiplexer extend functionality of the application at no additional cost.

Please contact Tim Clayton for further details. tim.clayton@sequoia.co.uk

Jennic launch 3rd generation Zigbee PRO Wireless Microcontroller and Module


Reading, UK 20th May 2009: Sequoia Technology, the technology solutions provider specialising in wireless communications announces a new platform of IEEE802.15.4 and Zigbee PRO single chip MicroController and Modular products based on the new Jennic JN5148 32 bit RISC processor.

The combination of the lowest operating current consumption and highest memory density of any single chip wireless microcontroller, plus an innovative Time of Flight ranging engine, will enable the development of next generation wireless mesh networks for battery powered and data rich applications.

The JN5148 32 bit wireless microcontroller achieves a system operation current consumption of 18mA when receiving and 15mA in transmit at +3dBm, which is typically 35% lower than current solutions. With 128kB ROM and 128kB RAM and advanced coding efficiency giving better code compression, the JN5148 has sufficient space for developers to integrate their embedded application softare and the ZigBee PRO protocol stack into a single chip. It can also be used as a co-processor, enabling ZigBee PRO to be added easily and quickly to existing systems.

Programmable CPU clock speeds from 4 to 32MHz and the use of five seperate power domains provides the ability to select low power or high performance up to 32 MIPS CPU operation enabling the JN5148 to be used across the full range of applications - from low power battery backed networks to high I/O, processor intensive systems. A unique patent pending Time of Flight ranging engine integrated into the device revolutionises location based services for sensor networks by providing

Telit drop in replacement for Cinterion TC35i, MC35i, MC39 and MC39i


Telit Wireless modules have created a module that is mechanically compatible and form factor compatible to the Cinterion/Siemens TC35i/MC35/MC39/MC39i, perfect to avoid the impending last time buy instruction from Cinterion.

GC864-C9 is available for purchase and full data is available now.

Please contact Tim Clayton on 01189 769031 or email tim.clayton@sequoia.co.uk for further information.