Nuvoton NCT6776F


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Key Features
  • Meet LPC Spec. 1.1
  • Support AMD power on sequence
  • Support LDRQ# (LPC DMA), SERIRQ (Serialized IRQ)
  • Integrated hardware monitor functions
  • Support DPM (Device Power Management)
  • Programmable configuration settings
  • Single 24-MHz or 48-MHz clock input
  • Support selective pins of 5V tolerance
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The NCT6776F is a member of Nuvoton’s Super I/O product line. The NCT6776F monitors several critical parameters in PC hardware, including power supply voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures.

In terms of temperature monitoring, the NCT6776F adopts the Current Mode (dual current source) and thermistor sensor approach. The NCT6776F also supports the Smart Fan control system, including SMART FANTM I and SMART FANTM IV, which makes the system more stable and user-friendly.

The NCT6776F supports four – 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M, or 2.88M – disk drive types and data transfer rates of 250 Kb/s, 300 Kb/s, 500 Kb/s, 1 Mb/s, and 2 Mb/s. The disk drive adapter supports the functions of floppy disk drive controller (compatible with the industry standard 82077/ 765), data separator, write pre-compensation circuit, decode logic, data rate selection, clock generator, drive interface control logic, and interrupt and DMA logic. Such a wide range of functions integrated into one NCT6776F greatly reduce the number of required components to interface with floppy disk drives.

The NCT6776F provides two high-speed serial communication port (UART), which includes a 16-byte send/receive FIFO, a programmable baud rate generator, complete modem-control capability, and a processor interrupt system. The UART supports legacy speeds up to 115.2K bps as well as even higher baud rates of 230K, 460K, or 921K bps to support higher speed modems.

The NCT6776F supports the PC-compatible printer port (SPP), the bi-directional printer port (BPP), the enhanced parallel port (EPP) and the extended capabilities port (ECP). The NCT6776F supports keyboard and mouse interface which is 8042-based keyboard controller.

The NCT6776F provides flexible I/O control functions through a set of general purpose I/O (GPIO) ports. These GPIO ports may serve as simple I/O ports or may be individually configured to provide alternative functions.

The NCT6776F supports the Intel® PECI (Platform Environment Control Interface) and AMD® SB-TSI interface. The NCT6776F supports separated VID input and output pins for Vcore voltage adjustment. It also supports AMD® CPU power on sequence, and it also supports Intel® Deep Sleep Well glue logic to help customers to reduce the external circuits needed while using Deep Sleep Well function.

The NCT6776F supports to decode port 80 diagnostic messages on the LPC bus. This could help on system power on debugging. It also supports two-colour LED control to indicate system power states. The NCT6776F supports Consumer IR function for remote control purpose. It also supports Advanced Power Saving function to further reduce the power consumption while the system is at S5 state.

The configuration registers inside the NCT6776F support mode selection, function enable and disable, and power-down selection. Furthermore, the configurable PnP features are compatible with the plug-and-play feature in Windows, making the allocation of the system resources more efficient than ever.



  • Meet LPC Spec. 1.1
  • Support AMD power on sequence
  • Support LDRQ# (LPC DMA), SERIRQ (Serialized IRQ)
  • Integrated hardware monitor functions
  • Support DPM (Device Power Management), ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
  • Programmable configuration settings
  • Single 24-MHz or 48-MHz clock input
  • Support selective pins of 5V tolerance


  • Variable write pre-compensation with track-selection capability
  • Support vertical recording format
  • DMA-enable logic
  • 16-byte data FIFO
  • Support floppy disk drives and tape drives
  • Detect all overrun and under run conditions
  • Built-in address mark detection circuit to simplify the read electronics
  • FDD anti-virus functions with software write protect and FDD-write enable signal (write data signal forced to be inactive)
  • Support 3.5-inch or 5.25-inch floppy disk drives
  • Compatible with industry standard 82077
  • 360K / 720K / 1.2M / 1.44M / 2.88M formats
  • 250K, 300K, 500K, 1M, 2M bps data transfer rate
  • Support 3-mode FDD and its Windows driver


  • Two high-speed, 16550-compatible UART with 16-byte send / receive FIFO
  • Support RS485
    • Supports auto flow control
  • Fully programmable serial-interface characteristics:
    • 5, 6, 7 or 8-bit characters
    • Even, odd or no parity bit generation / detection
    • 1, 1.5 or 2 stop-bit generation
  • Internal diagnostic capabilities:
    • Loop-back controls for communications link fault isolation
    • Break, parity, overrun, framing error simulation
  • Programmable baud rate generator allows division of clock source by any value from 1 to (216-1)
  • Maximum baud rate for clock source 14.769 MHz is up to 921K bps. The baud rate at 24 MHz is 1.5 M bps.

Parallel Port

  • Compatible with IBM® parallel port
  • Support PS/2-compatible bi-directional parallel port
  • Support Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) – Compatible with IEEE 1284 specification
  • Support Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) – Compatible with IEEE 1284 specification
  • Enhanced printer port back-drive current protection

Keyboard Controller

  • 8042-based keyboard controller
  • Asynchronous access to two data registers and one status register
  • Software-compatible with 8042
  • Support PS/2 mouse
  • Support Port 92
  • Support both interrupt and polling modes
  • Fast Gate A20 and Hardware Keyboard Reset
  • 12MHz operating frequency

Hardware Monitor Functions

  • Smart Fan control system
  • Programmable threshold temperature to speed fan fully while current temperature exceeds this threshold in the Thermal CruiseTM mode
  • Support Current Mode (dual current source) temperature sensing method
  • Nine voltage inputs (CPUVCORE, VIN[0..3], 3VCC, AVCC, 3VSB and VBAT)
  • Five fan-speed monitoring inputs
  • Three fan-speed controls
  • Dual mode for fan control (PWM and DC) for SYSFANOUT
  • Built-in case open and CPU socket occupied detection circuit
  • Programmable hysteresis and setting points for all monitored items
  • Issue SMI#, OVT# (Over-temperature) to activate system protection
  • Nuvoton Health Manager support
  • Provide I2C master / slave interface to read / write registers

CIR and IR (Infrared)

  • Support IrDA version 1.0 SIR protocol with maximum baud rate up to 115.2K bps
  • Support SHARP ASK-IR protocol with maximum baud rate up to 57,600 bps
  • Support Consumer IR, including CIRTX, CIRRX, CIRRXWB, CIR LED, CIR SENSE

VCORE Voltage Adjustment

  • Support INTEL® VRM11.1 VID input to VID output
  • Watch Dog Timer for VID over-voltage failure recovery
  • Support AMD® Parallel VID input to VID output
  • Support Intel® VR12 SVID
  • Support AMD® Serial VID input to Serial VID output

General Purpose I/O Ports

  • GPIO0 ~ GPIOA programmable general purpose I/O ports
  • Two access channels, indirect (via 2E/2F or 4E/4F) and direct (Base Address) access.

ACPI Configuration

  • Support Glue Logic functions
  • Support general purpose Watch Dog Timer functions

OnNow Functions

  • Keyboard Wake-Up by programmable keys
  • Mouse Wake-Up by programmable buttons
  • OnNow Wake-Up from all of the ACPI sleeping states (S1-S5)

PECI Interface

  • Support PECI 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 specification
  • Support 2 CPU addresses and 2 domains per CPU address

AMD SB-TSI Interface

  • Support AMD® SB-TSI specification

SMBus Interface

  • Support SMBus Slave interface to report Hardware Monitor device data
  • Support SMBus Master interface to get thermal data from PCH
  • Support SMBus Master interface to get thermal data from MXM module

Power Measurement

  • Support Power Consumption measurement
  • Fading LED driver control for power status and diagnostic indications

Intel Deep Sleep Well (DSW) Glue Logic

  • Support Deep Sleep Well (DSW) Glue Logic

AMD® CPU Power on Sequence

  • Support AMD® CPU power on sequence

Advanced Power Saving

  • Advanced Sleep State Control to save motherboard Stand-by power consumption

Operation voltage

  • 3.3 voltage