Siretta ZULU-G-LTE Modem

Smart LTE modem range with ARM Cortex M4 32bit microcontroller

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Key Features
  • 4G/LTE - EU and other regions depending on module
  • GPS standard
  • Battery option
  • USB 2.0 interface plus RS232
  • 9 x GPIO, 1 x ADC, I2C, 1-Wire, CAN interfaces
  • 600mA SS relay
  • Additional features - see specification
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The ZULU range of LTE modems are amongst the most advanced and capable terminals available today. The ZULU 4G/LTE modem comes with GPS as standard. Options include a 2000mAh battery and an upgrade of flash memory to a total of 128Mbit.

The ZULU range can be used as a simple terminal, or with application software within the LTE module. But its real strength, for the user, is as a comprehensive computing platform using its ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor connected to the GPRS engine - all in one package. The ZULU design has been extensively tested and represents amazing value as a UMTS / GPRS connected powerful 32bit computing engine. 

ZULU modems have an ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor as standard, independent of the wireless module, for customers to develop their software on. The ZULU has both USB and RS232 serial ports and  9 GPIO lines as standard. The ZULU is housed in a tough plastic enclosure that is either screw or DIN rail mountable. 

The ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor manages the LTE module and is available for the user to program to their custom application. The features of the standard ZULU are as below: 

- Onboard 600mA solid state relay 
- Debug port 
- RS232 port
- USB 2.0 port
- CAN interface 
- GPI 
- GPO 
- 1-wire interface 
- I2C interface 
- 2 x ADC 
- 2 x DAC 
- Boot load line 

Connections to the ZULU:
All connections to all interfaces of the modem can be made through the 36 way connector with the exception of the antenna(s) and USB. The ZULU also has a separate Mini USB and RS232 socket, and an RJ12 power socket. The status of the ZULU  when running is shown by three easily viewable LEDs all of which are ultimately programmable to the user's needs.

Battery option:
The ZULU range also has an internal battery option of a 2000mAh Li-ion battery - this can be specified at the time of ordering or can be retro-fitted - see part numbering.

ARM Cortex M4 32bit Processor: 
The ZULU is driven by the ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor which has 192KB of RAM and 16Mbit of flash memory for customer use, which is expandable to 128Mbit. The ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor is a popular and well known microcontroller with a considerable amount of code already written for it. The ST ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor "Discovery Board" is also a popular development platform to help with code development. 

The ZULU itself can emulate the "Discovery Board" and therefore be used in this mode for easy code development by the customer, similar to a standalone Discovery Board. The ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor is a very low power micro and within the ZULU consumes around 50mA when fully loaded and running. Conversely it can be put into deep sleep thereby taking a few microamps. The processor itself is capable of considerable multithreading with a number of layers of software. Most of the above interface attributes of the ZULU are native to the ARM Cortex M4 32bit processor and will be a known quantity to anyone familiar with the STM32 processor family. 

Additional features:
Additionally, the ZULU has an integral accelerometer, watchdog timer  and also features an ignition line, terminal control and reset line on the RJ12 power connector making it very suitable for a vehicle tracking and control unit, with a small amount of microcontroller software design. The 600mA solid state relay is also a standard feature of the ZULU range and is accessible via the 36 way connector.

The ZULU series is packaged in a tough blue ABS plastic box that is DIN rail or screw mountable and has dimensions of 134 x 74 x 33mm. In all the ZULU is designed to be your M2M modem and main computing engine in one package using a well understood and very capable microcontroller range that is easy to program with. 

Frequency ranges:
The ZULU modem range has been designed for long life and is available in UMTS, GPRS and LTE versions - all with the same design features making it easy for the user to design once, and use the many versions with very little effort. 
The ZULU range has a number of accessories available:- JTAG programming cable, OEM power cable, 0.5M and 1M 36way cable and connector with unterminated ends, and 12V wallblock power supply with RJ12 connector. 

Evaluation and Development Board 
The ZULU-EVK evaluation and development board is the perfect way of working with the ZULU modems, and developing an application within the ARM Cortex processor. The EVK provides simple and convenient access to the ZULU interfaces through standard D-Sub and terminal block connectors. 

The ZULU-EVK board also comes complete with a multi region power supply, 36way interface cable, RS232/USB cables, a JTAG programming cable, our Delta 2A GSM antenna and the Mike 3A GPS antenna, providing all the components for a working system - just add your choice of ZULU terminal.


Electrical Specifications 

Temperature Range: -30 to +80°C 
Operating Frequencies:

  • GPRS/ 2G 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
  • UMTS / 3G - 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100MHz
  • LTE / 4G   EU - 800, 1800, 2600MHz :  NA - 700, 850, 1700, 1900 : 
  • HSPA+: Upload 5.76Mbps, Download 42.0Mbps 
  • LTE / 4G: Upload 50Mbps, Download 100Mbps

Power Supply: 5 - 42V 
Battery (Optional): 2000mAh Li-ion 
GPIO Input Voltage: 25V 
GPIO Output Voltage: 0 - 42V 
Relay: 600mA 

GPS / GLONASS  Specifications 

Frequency Band: GPS (L1) 
Sensitivity: RX -164dBm, Cold start autonomous -147dBm, Hot start autonomous -161dBm, Tracking mode -166dBm 
Accuracy: 3m 

Cold start 42sec 
Warm start 30sec 
Hot start 1.8sec 

Output Format: GPS NMEA 0183 

Power Consumption: 
Acquisition 46.4mA @ 3.8V 
Tracking 37.8mA @ 3.8V 
Low power tracking 25.7mA @ 3.8V

Mechanical Specifications 

Dimensions: 134 x 74 x 33mm 
Weight: 125g 
Antenna Connectors: x 1 SMA Female (GSM), x 1 SMA Female (GPS) 
Mounting Method: DIN Rail or Screw Mount

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