Sequoia Sensors specialises in niche, high quality sensor products. We offer unrivalled range of Radiative, conductive and convective Heat Flux sensors, used for measuring heat energy. These include our low cost flat plate sensors for use in determining heat energy through surfaces, to Thermogage and Schmidt Boelter sensors for measurement of heat flux in fires to the fastest response time heat flux sensors in our HFM range.

Our Fibre Optic sensors are used in many industries, such as medical and power generators and are perfect for using in environments where EMC and magnetic interference is an issue, including factories, power stations and in aerospace industries.

  • MS6D - 16 Channel Datalogger
  • HFM-7 E-H - 700°C Heat Flux Microsensor plus RTS temp sensor
    HFM-7 E-H
  • Carbon GSM-TH - Temperature and humidity data logger with GSM alerts
    Carbon GSM-TH
  • EM01b-FLD - EM01b remote temp, humidity, bundled with flood detection feature

Our Sensors Applications

  • Heat Flux
    • Aerospace
    • Heat through materials and buidings
    • Laboratory testing
    • Fire and other heat generation
    • Solar Radiation
  • Fibre Optic
    • Power Generators
    • Medical Equipment
    • Testing in environments with interference
    • Building of bridges
  • 1 Wire
    • Temperature
    • Humidity

Why choose Us?

  • Complete range of solutions
  • Products are designed and manufactured for chosen applications
  • Expert advice to determine the right product for you
  • After sales technical support
  • Complementary products for our customer's needs

Need Help?

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Sensors Technologies

  • Radiative, conductive and convective heat flux
    • Fastest response time
    • High and low heat flux measurement
    • large range of housing types for installation and water cooling
  • Complete range of fibre optic sensors and cables
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Strain
    • Displacement
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
    • 1 wire interface
    • IC Interface
    • Wired
    • PCB