Sequoia Pt1000TR160

Low cost watertight temperature sensor

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Key Features
  • Wide operating range
  • Watertight IP67 sensor element
  • Available in variety of cable lengths
  • Easy to connect to existing systems
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Part Number Weight Pack Qty Code Price (Ex VAT) Stock
PT1000 Pt1000TR160/0-10M
Universal Pt1000 temperature sensor 10m cable
25g 1 33869 1+ £38.05 Yes (1)
5+ £39.95
10+ £37.85
25+ £33.72
PT1000 Pt1000TR160/0-15M
25g 1 32778 1+ £31.85 No
5+ £30.75
10+ £29.24
25+ £27.44
PT1000 Pt1000TR160/0-20M
25g 1 32779 1+ £36.51 No
5+ £35.25
10+ £33.52
25+ £31.46
PT1000 Pt1000TR160/0-5m
Universal Pt1000 Temperature sensor 5m cable
25g 1 33868 1+ £31.35 Yes (1)
5+ £32.93
10+ £31.20
25+ £27.78

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A family of low cost cabled watertight temperature sensors available in a variety of lengths

The Pt1000TR160 family of temperature sensors can measure values of -30 to +80 °C at accuracy of ±0.5°C.

IP67 rated and manufactured with PVC cable and sensor in Polyamide enclosure, these sensors are devised and designed to be used in harsh as well as normal industrial environments.

IP67 rating means that these sensors are protected to dust ingress and can operate in water to 1m depth, making them ideal for temperature measurement of liquids.

These sensors can easily connect to any measuring instrument that can accept Pt1000 sensors.


Technical specification of Pt1000 sensors

  • Temperature range: -30 to +80 ®C
  • Temperature accuracy: &plusminus;0.5®C
  • Sensor enclosure dimensions: 20mm long x 6mm diameter
  • Sensor enclosure material: Polyamide
  • Sensor cable length: available in 1m, 2m, 5m and 10m as standard
  • Sensor cable diameter: 3mm
  • IP67 rated
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