Telit C24


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Key Features
  • Dual Band
  • GPS Receiver
  • Extended RF Sensitivity
  • Embedded TCP/IP Stack
  • SSL - Secure Connection
  • FTP - File Transfer
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • RoHS Compliant
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The C24 is a dual band CDMA 1xRTT solution designed using our '24' family compact form factor, giving you flexibility with a single design solution.

With its ultra-compact design, and extended operating temperature range, the Telit C24 is the perfect platform for m2m applications and mobile data and computing devices. Additional features such as integrated TCP/IP and UDP stack and a three-channel ADC, MUX support and 8 GPIO's, provide extended functionality, adding value to the end application without adding cost.

The C24 also gives you on-board GPS capabilities - making it the ideal choice for fleet management, asset tracking and other location based wireless applications. The C24 is designed to be a practical solution. Built-in internet and security protocols allow easy integration so you can get to market faster than ever.

As a part of Telit's corporate policy of environmental protection, all products comply to the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive of the European Union (EU Directive 2002/95/EG).


Product Features

Supported Bands

  • CDMA Dual Band 800/1900 MHz
  • Multimode GPS
    (Standalone and Assisted) 1575 MHz


  • Size: 24.4 x 45.2 x 5.6 mm
    (6.4mm stacking height)
  • Mounting: two 2.4 mm holes
  • Weight: 9 grams


  • Operating temperature: -30°C +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C +85°C

Firmware Upgrade

  • ODA-DM 1.2 Compliance


Operating Voltage

  • Voltage: 3.3 - 4.2V

Current Consumption

  • < 2.5mA @ SC12 (Sleep mode)

TX Power

  • 800 MHz – Class 3 (24 dBm)
  • 1900 MHz – Class 2 (24 dBm)

Typical RX Sensitivity

  • -108dBm (4dB margin on top of spec)



  • Single 70 pin board to board
  • R-UIM Card - 3.0V / 1.8V


  • USB 2.0 full speed
  • UART: baud rate up to 230400 bps
  • Two physical UARTs – UART1 for AT commands & Data, UART2 for NMEA or R-UIM

Data Features


  • Max BR 14.4 Kbps


  • MO / MT Text and PDU modes
  • Cell broadcast


  • Binary and NMEA modes


  • Group 3, class 2

Voice Features

  • Full voice support includes supplementary services
  • Digital audio
  • Analog audio
  • Vocoders 13K QCELP/EVRC/ EVRC-B
  • E911-Call
  • DTMF support
  • Audio control: echo suppression; noise suppression; side tone; gain control

Character Set

  • UTF8
  • UCS2
  • GSM
  • 8859-1

Control/Status Indications

  • 8 GPIO’s
  • 3x A/D general purpose converters
  • CDMA Network coverage
  • Wake up in/out
  • Antenna presence detect
  • Voltage sensor

Additional Features

  • Data Capabilities: 1x/QNC/HSPD
  • Embedded TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol stack
  • Embedded FTP
  • SSL - Secure Connection
  • Proprietary AT commands
  • MUX 27.010 Support

Regulatory and Approvals

  • CDG1, CDG2
  • FCC, IC, CCC
  • EMC
  • QS9000 manufacturing
  • C24 pair
    C24 pair
  • C24 frontside
    C24 frontside
  • C24 Backside
    C24 Backside
  • C24 flat
    C24 flat
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