Telit UE910 Modules

The UE910 is an HSPA 7.2 Mbps technology member of the xE910 family. The UE910 series includes low-cost, dual-band 3.5G variants offered in the xE910 LGA unified form factor positioned for global applications not requiring global coverage, particularly for those designated fixed-wireless such as utility metering, and home and commercial security; and those with limited on-region mobility such as POS and logistics terminals.

The UE910 offers voice-capable variants featuring both analog and digital audio, as well as data-only models.

For designs that require global 3G coverage from a single module or HSPA+ then please see the HE910 family.


  • Evaluation board available £240
  • Embedded TCP/IP stack
  • UE910

    UE910 Low cost 3.5G Module